Eat Tagliatelle Pasta To Make Your Day

Italian cuisine is known for its ‘diversity’. They have so many amazing dishes on the list, one of which is pasta, which stretches its roots to ancient times till today. Pasta is simple to make but still delicious and healthy to satisfy your taste buds. It is a type of noodle which is used in most of the Italian dishes and comes in a lot of varieties. The pasta is typically made from durum flour with or without eggs. There are two categories for pasta, either the dry pasta or freshly made pasta.

The dry pasta can be stored for up to a year, and it doubles in size when cooked whereas fresh pasta often contains eggs which make it more tender when cooked you can refrigerate it for about three months.

There are a lot of varieties of pasta, but three most popular are   Penne, Spaghetti and Macaroni. However, we are going to talk about the long ribbon-like Italian pasta, which is like Tagliatelle, Fettuccine and Linguine all look similar. Still, there is a striking difference between them.

How Is Tagliatelle Pasta Made?

Traditionally, the pasta is made in Italy in an old fashioned manner. Just on a broad surface with a fork.

  • To make tagliatelle pasta the eggs, salt, olive oil is added into flour and turned into the dough with the help of water, till all the dough comes together.
  • Then the whole kneading process is done for 10 minutes. 
  • Afterwards, the dough is left to rest for 30 minutes. Then a small quarter of dough is taken and shaped into a rectangle to run through the pasta maker at the largest setting. When it comes out of it as a sheet, just dust lightly with flour and then both the ends are folded from the middle and are again run from the pasta maker with the fixed setting this whole process is repeated until the thinnest or tagliatelle setting is achieved. 
  • The dough will take time to get ready for cut down.
  • It will look pretty long, then it has to be laid on the workstation and has to be cut down to about 12 inches in length. 
  • The next step is to run the dough through the thick cutting attachment of the pasta maker.
  • When you cut the pasta, lay it on board and lightly dust in flour so that it doesn’t stick and get dried. If you don’t want to make this pasta in your home, then you can buy tagliatelle pasta from online stores.

What is Tagliatelle Pasta?

Tagliatelle pasta is a broad, flat strip of durum wheat pasta. It was invented in 1487 on a wedding night from the house of Este, to mimic the bride’s ribbon-like hairstyle. And the Bologna was so proud of tagliatelle pasta that they made a solid gold replica with a dimension of 1mm×6mm which is considered as perfect sized pasta.

The tagliatelle has a coarse porous surface, the consistency and large surface area make this pasta ideal for thick sauces as they stick to pasta well. Buy tagliatelle online if you want to make the pasta instantly from your guests.

Is Pasta Healthy?

All the food lovers welcome the pasta for its versatility and convenience. However, they like it more as it could be very healthy and very delicious and it makes a perfectly healthy diet.

However, what goes in making a healthy pasta will depend on you, which is like what are the ingredients you are using to make your pasta and what quantity of pasta you eat for your meal.

The healthy has its combination of both healthy foods and ingredients such as vegetables, beans and herbs and extra virgin olive oil. 

You can also add nuts, fish and a little amount of meat and cheese to give it a delicious taste, and some good protein and you enjoy a healthy as well as a tasty meal.

You can buy tagliatelle pasta online as there is a wide variety available. You can buy egg spinach tagliatelle pasta and tagliatelle pasta black with squid ink. All these are fresh, and you can get these and many other varieties to satisfy your pasta love.

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