Do Artists and Writers get along well?

A few weeks ago, I got associated with the start-up of an artist group in my neighborhood. I am not an artist, so it would be out of character to join such a group or even help get one organized here. Nevertheless, I enjoy chatting with people who have artistic genius, and I realize that creative abilities come in all sizes and shapes and span several innovative controls. For instance, I am a writer, and I have an associate who is an actor, another who is a painter, and one more who is a soon to be famous musician.

Some say these bunch of creative heads does not blend; that a macro photographer, graphic designer, author, musician, and artist is not the same. But in many regards, they are, because they all use separate venues, but in essence, they are doing the same thing- making us think. Someone has to have independent thoughts. Many authors and artists seem to fit that bill, although some writers are not all that creative, they find a good genre and stick with it.

Some artists aren’t that creative either; they’ll take a photograph of the landscape, a project that onto a cloth, and then merely put paint on top of that extended image. In many regards this is cheating, it’s just copying – they didn’t imagine anything, or come up with any original thought. We still consider it art, however. Even if everyone who calls themselves an author or an artist may not be all that creative, we will find a more significant percentage of creative people within those sections, will we not?

Yes, I think so, and that’s why they should stick together. That’s why I believe that artists and writers should be coupled whenever possible, particularly in small areas where there aren’t that many authors, and there aren’t many artists. Mixing and blending the mediums can spur the brain onto greater creativity. For instance, I recently read an article;

It stated, “blurring lines of the artistic discipline; original colonies often are not particularly for a visual artist. Many provide the time and space writers need to undertake creative projects. The cross-pollination among the arts encourages everyone to extend creative greatness.”

Maybe this is something you should think about in your neighborhood, mainly if you haven’t found enough associates that hold that ever-elusive creative genius mind. Indeed I hope you will please think about all this.

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