Different ways to wear dress pants


Planning the perfect wardrobe for work may not seem too complicated at first, but look closer and you’ll see there are many different options out there for every aspect of work clothes. Take for example men’s dress pants. There are actually many different styles and ways to rock those styles, and finding which one is right for you can take a bit more thought than you might imagine at first glance. How to wear dress pants so that you will accentuate your body type, and fit in with your work atmosphere is something we will go over today while we look at all of the different ways to wear dress pants.

Probably the biggest question you will ask yourself when contemplating men’s dress pants is to cuff or not to cuff. There are distinct advantages to both approaches, and what you choose to be your main pants feature in your workplace wardrobe will be determined by a few simple factors. One, do you have a tall and slender frame? If you do, then cuffed pants might be best for you. You can add pleats to fill out your slender frame, and pleated pants look best with cuffs. And the other way to rock your pants that many men will find works best with most body types is non cuffed pants, which are called hemmed pants.

When a pair of pants are hemmed the pants fabric is folded up inside the leg, cut, and then sewn tightly around the cut, making a nice tight end for your pants leg. This is the most common kind of pants you will see, and you will never be out of place wearing them. But, a pair of cuffed pants has one very important advantage that makes them a good option to have handy. Cuffed pants are seen as more formal than regular hemmed pants. So, for an occasion where you want your outfit to stand out and say you are there in a more formal fashion than you would wear a regular pair of dress pants.

If you do choose the mostly more formal cuffed pants, there are a few tips you should remember while wearing them. The hem of the cuffed pants should be slightly angled so that the hem rests on the top of the heel of your shoe. In fact, the way the cuff lays on the shoe is very important to pull off this look, and you should always try on a pair of cuffed pants before you buy to ensure this cuff to heel ratio looks good. The cuff itself should be long enough to almost completely conceal the socks from view, and wide enough to touch your shoe laces about halfway down. Remember, if you do try cuffed pants, or get a pair of your pants cuffed, do not have cuffed pants with anything but pleats, non-pleated pants with cuffs can look strange, and throw off your whole outfit. One last point about cuffed pants is that they will generally last longer than hemmed pants because the wear and tear at the bottom of your leg can be pretty rough, and having that extra fabric down there will keep your pants in wearable condition for a longer period of time.

The choice between cuffed or hemmed pants is really up to the individual, and the deciding factor could just be body type. But, you should try both styles of pants to find just what you look best in, and invest in a few good quality pants that will go with many of the other pieces in your wardrobe. Usually tall men will look best in pleated cuffed pants, but there are exceptions to the rule, and you should at least try on a few pairs of different styles to see which look best for your particular type. And think about investing in at least one good pair of cuffed pants for some of the more formal settings you may find yourself in. That’s it, go out and try some different styles of men’s dress pants today, good luck out there!

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