Dawood mansoori son of CEO and Director of patent tea company pvt ltd Amroha

A 20 year old, simple boy from Amoha, Uttar Pradesh recently started his own business. Dawood Mansoori believed that life need not be long it should be big. He says that you will fall many times but life is a full of ups and downs, the graph keeps on changing. The success can only be achieved when you kick out the customary things around You, the primary focus should not be to get a job. Satisfying yourself with small things should not be the main motto. One should always try new things and always learn to take the risk.

Dawood’s father is the Director of a renowned brand, Patent Tea Company private limited. His father have gone through many criticism in his childhood. He never wanted his children to suffer, therefore in bringing them up he left no stoned unturned. At the age of 20 Dawood Mansoori is running his own business. Enjoying a generous life with fortitude that is called a real satisfaction. People in today’s generation believed in just ordinary life, from the beginning they teach their children to study, complete graduation and get a job. One should do things out of the blue.

A human being full of positivity totally transforms their capabilities. Trying new things is the only way of gaining experience. Dawood loves extravagant lifestyle, lavish cars, branded watches etc. He always liked the sportsman within him, he a a national level volleyball player and also a cricketer. His advice to the coming generation is not give up and only listen to your closed one’s, they will guide you the best.

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