Crayon your Approach towards Art


Crayon your approach towards art. What do I draw, what concepts can I produce?

Go back to your school days. You most likely used all the colors in the crate, shaded outside the lines, and sometimes even affixed to the picture. The little additional stuff is part of your artistic mind. If you colored in the lines and did not add anything onto the paper, your teacher loved what you expressed. On the other hand, if you drew outside the lines and since you added extra things or colored how you wanted, your teacher wasn’t a happy camper with you.

As an adult, it’s time to ignore what you were taught in school and are ready to do things your way; it’s time to try things individually. With a blank piece of paper in front of you and cracking open a brand new box of 64 crayons, you can now amplify your creative ideas and draw what you want to without your former school classmates teasing you. No one tells you what to draw or to ask “What is that?” Show your creativity. You decide what you want in your picture.

Quick: Think of five things you could do with a brand-new box of crayons. Take notice of how you perceive when considering these 5 things.

Opening a pack of crayons and making an impression your own helps you see things others don’t when it comes to creativity and change. Look around you and take bits of data and generate ideas from what you see. It may not be possible to draw them, instead use a creative notebook and write down in detail your ideas, concepts, and theories.

Too many people think that you need to immediately become an adult with all the obligations when you reach 18 years of age. These same individuals don’t return to childhood for any reason. If you did not get praise or attention as a child about your creative works, you will think you are not good at being creative or that no one likes your work. At least be creative for yourself.

This week crack open a fresh box of crayons. Stretch your creativity by getting back in touch with your inner child. Draw, sculpt, color, or write. Push yourself to find something creative to do with all those colored wax. Being creative, you invent, imagine, problem-solve, create, and communicate in fresh, new ways. This is where every business needs creative thinkers to work for them.

Experimenting with crayons could lead to some new concepts for your current projects. As you might guess, various colors activate the brain in different ways. Studies have shown that specifically green and blue have strong effects on improving creativity and wholesome innovative thinking. What colors work for you in the projects you create?

Now grab your crayons and go to it! Beneath it all, explore the colors. Use each colored crayon and draw something, doodle, or just sketch lines.

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