Contactless sales need of hour for industrial products: EY report

(IANS) With Covid-19 bringing new restrictions, embracing contactless sales has become an immediate imperative for industrial product organisations, said a new report from global consultancy major EY.

Today, businesses have shown digital adoption by utilising several automation tools and techniques to acquire leads, but an end to end seamless operation across the entire sales process still seems to be amiss, said the report titled “Is contactless sales the new reality for industrial products?”

Contactless sales channels provide solutions across the value chain and enables organisations to deal with the challenges and to transform the organisation.

Contactless sales operations would mean no long days at dealers and no longer hours of travel far away.

Implementing such operations would involve dynamic monitoring of markets at district/tehsil level and get the status of which market is under lockdown and when they open up.

Among other measures, it would involve creating virtual (tele-call/video conference, SMS) daily beat for field team to connect with dealers, customers and influencers for sales and aftersales operations.

Industrial product organisations would be required to develop standard operating procedures/guidelines to execute virtual beat for field team and revisit and modify virtual beat to hybrid (virtual + physical) as and when markets open up.

The report also details all other measures that organisations need to consider to implement contactless sales.

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