Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 7th – 13th June, 2020


This week is going to be very moderate in terms of your relationship equations and love. You and your partner will be able to spend some quality time together during this period. This will help both of you to come even closer romantically! Singles, be prepared to be swept off your feet! There is a distinct probability of meeting the love of your life! Those who have been in a relationship since a long time will need to make minor adjustments here and there. If you raise your level of compatibility with each other, your love and affection shall mutually grow by leaps and bounds!


Students, take advantage of this week! This week is made for you, literally! Your hard work and in-depth knowledge of relevant subjects will certainly aid you in passing your competitive exams with flying colours. Students who have been intending to avail admission in a reputed college or university will be able to succeed during this week. Even students who want to pursue higher education abroad will successfully be admitted to a university of their choice! Students appearing for entrance exams will also score amazing grades! There is absolutely no turning back for students! Perseverance, hard work and sincerity will be key factors during this week.


You will need to take a lot of precautions in regards to your health during this week. We advise you to completely refrain from eating junk food. Eating spicy foods and late night heavy dinner will certainly mess up your digestive system causing severe gastric and acidity issues. Infection of the stomach is also a distinct possibility. Women who are expecting a child should also take additional care of their health. Regular exercises will help you stay physically and mentally fit. Hit that health club near you! During times of negative anxiety and stress, we recommend that you practice meditation. It will help you stay mentally relaxed.


This week is going to prove to be excellent for businessmen in terms of finance and money matters. As a matter of fact, your financial situation will be so good that you will easily be able to afford an assistant on a senior post to take care of your day to day operations. Your profit margins will be amazing as well! You will have absolutely no problem managing your routine expenses. You will know and understand the true value of future savings. You will be able to secure your own future along with the future of your loved ones by saving a substantial amount of money.


Salaried employees are going to have a fantastic week. Your truly outstanding performance will impress your superiors as well as colleagues at work. Your sincerity and honesty will be appreciated and you are likely to be offered a handsome increment followed by a promotion as well. Even Government employees are going to have a great week! No major issues are foreseen for businessmen during this period. However, you will need to take adequate care by understanding client requirements properly. Failure to do so will result in losing new orders and valuable clients. The key factor here will be to listen to the precise demands of your clients.

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