Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 31st May – 6th June, 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles are going to meet the love of their life during this week. A wonderful new relationship is about to begin! You are most likely going to spend the rest of your life with this one specific person who means a lot to you. You will feel grateful and blessed for having met this person, and rightly so! This week also seems to be very romantically pleasant for married couples. A short trip with your loved one will add magic dust to your relationship! What a wonderful time you are going to spend together! Doubts and disputes could appear between those in a long distance relationship.

Education and Knowledge

There is a powerful possibility of students receiving a positive response from a reputed academic institution of their choice. Students intending to go abroad for further studies can commence formalities for the same during this week. This period is also very favourable for college students who will be able to achieve excellent grades in their examinations. Your intense desire to broaden the horizons of your knowledge will be duly noticed by your teachers and mentors. We recommend that you take advantage of this positivity and seek their guidance every step of the way! Hard work, perseverance and diligence will help you succeed!


Your golden advice for matters of your health and fitness for this week is, do not take your health for granted! We cannot emphasise enough upon the importance of taking care of your health properly during this week. Seasonal viral seizures are distinct possibility. Poor eating habits may result in severe acid reflux and digestive disorder issues. We recommend that you visit a dietician and follow a strict dietary regime. Monitor your eating habits and stay away from junk food. Remember, if you do not take appropriate care of your health, things will worsen with time. Regularly practicing meditation and pranayama will also help.

Money and Finances

This week seems to be very vivacious financially, if a few cares are taken. You will understand the value of saving money for yourself and your loved ones. You will also make a few plans for saving money for the future, which you will implement as the weekend approaches. You will be successfully able to recover any debts that had gone bad during the past, probably with increased interest! Investments made during the current week may not live up to your expectations. Do not enter into any financial transactions prior proper documentation. Maintaining proper books of accounts will be essential during this week.

Career and Businesses

This week is going to offer you a mixed bag of fruits as far as your career growth and business are concerned. Despite honest efforts, salaried employees may fail at impressing their superiors at work. They will not be able to bag the much awaited promotion or profit. The good news is, you will take this as an excuse to better yourself hand work even harder. Eventually, you will become a role model for everyone around you! For businessmen, the week is going to be very average. No major ups and downs are anticipated. Business will continue as usual. All in all, not much of activity this week!

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