Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 21st – 27th June, 2020


This week will be a test of maturity for your relationship equations and love. Imagine this week as a test of your patience. There is a distinct possibility of falling prey to misunderstandings during this week. Do not create an ego issue and talk it out! When there is love, you don’t always have to prove yourself right! Nobody is perfect! Do not hesitate to use the magical word, ‘sorry’. Communicate as often as you can. Singles are likely to meet the love of their life. Go ahead and propose! Do not wait for eternity! Singles looking for an arranged marriage will be successful during this period.


The week will offer moderate results for students. This period could be slightly harder for school children. They may be faced with minor obstacles. However, college students will be able to perform very well and score excellent marks in their forthcoming examinations. Students who wish to pursue higher education abroad may not be successful with the migration formalities as of now. No other major significant developments are foreseen. Do not let minor setbacks upset you. We recommend, students weigh all the pros and cons of a particular university before taking an admission. Availing a scholarship during this period is also a distinct possibility.


This is going to be a fantastic week as far as matters of your health and fitness are concerned. You are going to be very serious about leading a healthy life. Your punctual schedules and a strict dietary regime will certainly help you in the longer run. You will be brimming with positivity, enthusiasm and energy. People will look upon you as an ideal example and try to follow your footsteps. Good going! Pregnant women must remain absolutely stress-free. They must not over exert physically, especially during the last days of pregnancy. Meditation, along with regular exercise and a strict diet, will certainly affect your health positively!


This is a very favourable week as far as your finances and money matters are concerned. If you have been trying to avail a loan for either business development or purchasing capital for goods, you will be able to do so easily. Any financial strategies that you have planned will be successfully implemented during this week. There is a distinct possibility of spending a considerable amount of money for purchasing electronic gadgets. You will also be able to successfully clear off any old loans or dues during this period. Learn to keep a tight leash over unwanted expenses and focus upon saving for the future.


Both, salaried employees as well as businessmen are in for a treat during this week, in terms of their career as well as business growth. Businessmen will be able to achieve several new contracts during this period. Although, if you do not take enough care, the end result may not be as pleasant as you expected. Do not allow petty matters to destroy your peace of mind. Being an optimist will always help. There is a distinct probability of salaried employees being awarded with incentives and a promotion! However, they may be transferred to a city or location which is not to their liking.

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