Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 14th – 20th June



You will be required to devote a lot of time and efforts to maintain amicable relations with your beloved during this week. It will be extremely crucial for you to exercise discipline over spoken words. Usage of harsh words will have severe repercussions. Avoid getting into futile arguments. Do not let your ego destroy the sweetness of your relationship. Try and refrain from holding grudges against those you love, respect and cherish. Life is full of ups and downs for everybody. There is no need to be a pessimist and get overly stressed about petty issues. Be positive and stay calm in trying situations.


On an average, the week seems to be very favourable for students. We advise students to make full use of the positive influence of planets. Students pursuing higher education will face a few minor obstacles here and there. Although, it is nothing they cannot deal with. The week seems to be particularly favourable towards those students who want to widen the horizons of their knowledge by studying various topics. Students having a spiritual inclination will probably get a deep sense of satisfaction by studying the subjects they love! During times of mental unrest, we advise students to meditate. This will prove to be a great stress reliever!


What a great week this is for matters pertaining to your health and fitness! You will be completely in sync with your mind, body and soul. No major health issues are foreseen. You will be able to enjoy the company of everyone you love to the fullest! A relaxed and stress-free mind will help you to concentrate better. It will also give you ideas to begin any new ventures that you had been planning to launch. Those suffering from old ailments are advised to continue taking their medications on time. If allopath doesn’t seem to be giving relief, alternative therapy can also be given a try.


This week call for a lot of precautions with matters pertaining to your finance and money. Your incapacity combined with a lazy attitude in maintaining your finances and books of accounts will land you into trouble. You will be to understand your follies and get back on your feet. The position of planets during the mid-week are in your favour. Your spirits will be lifted and your financial position will gradually get better. We strongly recommend that you do not enter into any financial transactions without thoroughly studying all the associated pros and cons. Be alert while dealing with people you do not know too well.


Businessmen are in for a treat during this period. Planetary influences seem to be completely in their favour during this week. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for salaried employees. Businessmen will be presented with several opportunities to grow. They will be able to earn money from various sources. Those who have been planning to expand their business, will successfully do so during this week. Salaried employees will find it very difficult to submit their assignments on time. If they have been availing a lot of leaves, the management will notice this and may probably object to the same. Patience will be the key factor!

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