Cancer Weekly Horoscope 7th – 13th June, 2020


This week has to offer a variety of results as far as your relationships are concerned. No problems are foreseen during the initial three days of the week. There is a distinct possibility of singles falling madly in love during this time. The attraction between you and your partner will be out of this world! The intimate love and blissful moments you spend together will be simply poetic! The remaining four days of the week may be slightly difficult to handle. Misunderstandings between you and your partner may prevail. There are chances of a minor dispute arising between you and your neighbour.


For students, this week will prove to be quite average in terms of academic progress. Students associated with architecture and fashion designing will perform outstandingly well during this week. They will astonish everybody with their overall performance! There is a possibility of school students going on a field trip or a picnic during this time. Should students face any confusions in regards to their choice of career, we recommend that they pay a visit to a career counsellor. Such an expert will be able to shape your career in the right direction. We recommend students to practice meditation in times of stress.


This week seems to be very favourable for matters relating to your physical and mental health. If you have been suffering from any old ailments, you will get cured during this week. Your self-confidence will substantially increase during this time. You will be inspired to exercise regularly and meditate for your mental and physical wellbeing. No major health concerns are foreseen if you take enough care of yourself. Refrain from eating roadside junk and spicy foods. Eat foods that are nutritious and easy to digest. Keep yourself hydrated at all times. All in all, a sound body will embody a sound mind.


This week since to be very positive for matters pertaining to finance and money. Sources of your income will increase substantially. However, your expenses will also increase proportionately. You could consider purchasing an insurance policy for safeguarding your own interests as well as those of your loved ones. Monetary help from elders of the family is also a distinct possibility. Investments like gold, silver and real estate will prove to be profitable in the near future. Long term investments will always prove to be more profitable than short term risky ones. This week is very favourable for investing for the longer run.


The week seems to be favourable for matters concerning your career growth and business. Salaried employees will be able to get a better job with an increased salary. The new job may also offer them a quick promotion. Businesses operating as partnership firms will have minor issues. Differences of opinions may prevail between partners. There is a distinct possibility of availing new business orders. A business expansion is also probable. Here is an important advice. Do not sign any documents during this week before studying it properly. Being cautious in this regard will certainly save you from a lot of complications later on.

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