Cancer Weekly Horoscope 21st – 27th June, 2020


The week seems to be very bright except for the first and last day of the week for matters concerning your relationship equations and love. There is a distinct possibility of singles falling in love during this period. They will be able to successfully confess their love to their beloved. A beautiful new relationship will begin! To come even closer to your partner, it would be a great idea to go on a long drive with your beloved. This will certainly add a lot of charm to your relationship. Married couples will experience love and intimacy like never before. Their dedication will be phenomenal!


The first and the last days of the week will be very favourable for students. Students will feel interested and will be inclined towards studying technology, science, law or commerce. Primary, secondary and higher secondary students will also perform amazingly well. Students will also be able to perform outstandingly well in their forthcoming competitive examinations. Their hard work, diligence and perseverance will be rewarded and they will be able to astonish everybody with their amazing results! Students intending to migrate abroad for further studies can begin formalities for the same during this week. The probability of being successful in this regard is very high.


The first four days of the week will bring good mental and physical health. You will be bubbling with tons of enthusiasm and positivity during these days. Your overall productivity will also substantially increase. You will be relieved from any old ailments of the past. Although, you will need to be very careful during the remnant of the week. Do not neglect taking adequate rest and abstain from eating junk food. You may suffer from minor issues related with liver, stomach and urinary infections. These issues will keep you mentally and physically disturbed. Consult your doctor immediately if these discomforts seem to be getting out of hand.


Except for the first and the last two days, the week seems to be very promising upon the financial front. You will be able to search for new avenues for generation of additional income. Salaried employees may get a raise in salary coupled with incentives and bonuses! Business will also show a substantial amount of growth during this period. Those involved in the stock market will earn fantastic profits. We would advise that you focus upon avenues of safe investments during this week. Investments like gold, silver and real estate will prove to be profitable in the near future. Avoid taking unnecessary risks.


Salaried employees will need to stay extra cautious for matters pertaining to their career growth during the initial three days of the week. Whereas, businessmen will need to be careful for the initial four days. There is a distinct possibility of salaried employees being bestowed with awards and incentives for their brilliant performance. Businessmen may be able to give tough competition to their competitors during this week. The latter half of the week will be especially bright for businessmen. They will be presented with new growth opportunities which will help them to expand the horizons of their business. Unleash your business creativity during this week!

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