Cancer Weekly Horoscope 14th – 20th June, 2020


For matters pertaining to your relationship equations and love, this week seems to be very favourable. Singles who have proposed to a special person, will most likely succeed during this week. You will be able to clear all misunderstandings of the past with your partner, if you make honest efforts. You will be able to fulfil all the desires of your beloved in order to revive your relationship. Be prepared for a pleasant surprise! You will receive an excellent gift from your partner, which will truly enthral you! You will be able to devote and spend quality time with your partner.


Students will be brimming with positivity, energy and enthusiasm during this entire week. Their interest in academics will be more than ever before. They will get very serious about their career growth prospects and will try to score maximum marks in examinations that they appear for. They will be prepared to work hard, sincerely and diligently. Teachers, mentors and subject experts will guide students to their maximum ability. Such guidance will be invaluable! Students pursuing technology, or similar subjects, will be presented with excellent opportunities. We advise students to meditate during times of negative anxiety. Meditation will prove to be a great stress buster.


This week will be a rollercoaster ride for matters pertaining to your health and fitness. You may face minor issues in regards to your digestive system during this time. Stay away from spicy and oily foods. Refrain from eating street side junk food as well. Consuming outside food unrestrictedly could have repercussions as severe as food poisoning. We recommend that you exercise every day and practice yoga and meditation as well. This will help you stay physically as well as mentally fit. Caution should be your mantra during this entire week. Upon the slightest of discomfort, consult your family physician immediately without any delay.


You must be extremely cautious with matters concerning your finance, money and investments. Conduct a thorough self-research prior considering any investments. Do not depend on hearsay. As far as possible, do not consider investing in the stock market during this week. Stay as far away as possible from intraday trading and the speculative market. Gambling will certainly end in a financial disaster. Remember, shortcuts and unethical ways of earning money quickly will have severe adverse effects on your finance. The week will be particularly favourable for investments made in non-banking financial companies. Matters relating to finance should not be a problem if you exercise proper caution.


This week will prove to be very crucial for your overall career as well as business growth. Salaried employees will be presented with several new job offers. You will get a joining offer for an interview you had appeared for a long time back. This will bring an unexpected wave of joy! This new job may offer a raise in salary along with a promotion as well. Businessmen will develop several new contacts which will prove to be beneficial in the near future. Several important meetings are a distinct possibility during this time. You may even be required to go on short business trips.

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