Can Car Covers Scratch Car Paint?


With a few common-sense precautions, you can be assured that your car cover will protect the finish of your car for many years. The fabric of a quality car cover is designed to slip over your vehicle with as little friction and abrasion as possible. Materials such as cotton flannel, fleece, stretch weave, satin-stretch, and more provide the perfect combination of toughness and gentleness. Plus, custom car covers exactly fit your make, model, and year of classic car or truck, allowing you to pull the cover everything from spoilers, hood ornaments, mirrors, and other design enhancements. You love your car so of course, you want to know, do car overs damage car paint? Here are a few simple things to keep in mind when buying a car cover:

  • Get one that precisely fits your vehicle
  • Invest in quality materials
  • Choose a water resistant but breathable fabric
  • Use the cover as it was intended

By following these guidelines your car cover will do its job. It will protect your vehicle from dirt, dust, snow and ice, wild animals and harsh sunlight.

How to Properly Cover Your Car

Properly placing a car cover on your vehicle should only take a few moments. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, the process should be as simple as filling up your machine with gasoline. First, take the cover out of its packaging or its storage bag. Locate the front of the cover and secure it to the front bumper. Make sure to remove any debris on the car to prevent sticks or other items from rubbing against the paint job. Then pull the car cover up to the roof of the car, gently pulling it forward in phases and fitting it over mirrors and other design features. From there, work your way backwards until you can secure the cover to the back bumper.

To get the most out of your cover, whether it is a custom fit or a universal fit, you will want to know how to take care of your car cover. You’ll want it to continue to look good, so wash out food stains and oil and grease marks with a multi-cleaner designed for your cover. The cover should also be washed now and then, following the instructions that come with the cover. Some models should only be hand washed, while others can be washed in a commercial front-loading machine. Never dry clean your cover, wash it in hot water or use fabric softener on it.

Indoor vs Outdoor Car Covers

Whether you plan to store your vehicle in a garage or outside, you can find the right cover for your situation. The best indoor and outdoor car covers are designed to protect your vehicle from the elements. Outdoor covers are designed with a bit more water resiliency and durability in mind, while indoor car covers are superior at warding off dust and sunlight. The right car cover will protect everything you love about your car and keep it in pristine shape. Order your car cover today and get the best protection for your ride.

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