Building an Antique Garden in your Backyard

Gardening is a popular hobby for millions of people, so why not go that bit further and create your garden. Apart from having precisely the garden you want, you will also have the pleasure of knowing you alone created it.

If you are also a lover of antiques, why not build your antique garden! The shape and size of your garden will be a starting part, but whether it is a small plot or a large one it can nevertheless be done.

You may not be good at drawing but begin with crude sketches of how you want your garden to look. If you are not the creative type do not let that stop you. Buy magazines like Homes and Gardens to give you concepts.

Your next stop is the library; rent books on gardening history or popular gardens, also antique garden furniture, etc. This is just to learn about the kinds of plants and flowering bushes that graced the gardens of old. In the olden days, roses where a royal favorite with pathways and rose arbors, your garden may not be big enough for this but you can create the size you want.

Flowers and scrubs were unusual in the olden days as there was not so much diversity, but the wealthy and important people shipped flowers and shrubs from overseas to grace their gardens. Today those flowers are easily available in market gardens and often in the supermarkets so they can be purchased easily.

If you can afford antique garden furniture it will generate the look you want, but if that option is not available to you then check out the antique garden furniture sites online and study what it looked like. Although much of it is similar to the garden furniture of today, it is mostly made from wood or iron.

Reed and cane furniture were also popular but the cane or reed would need to be undercover in bad weather.

Old stone garden ornaments and sundials were regularly found in antique gardens also stone birdbaths and of course the old garden pots. Restorations and salvage yards are often a good source of old and antique items, it can be fun and exciting to wander around and search out any items that would look excellent in your backyard.

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