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Keylogging is simply the action of capturing human activity on a computer. Also known as keyboard capturing, keylogging lets the recorder capture keys pressed on the keyboard by an individual. Sometimes, spying on someone will require you to have direct access to the target’s phone. This is so especially when you cannot access some of his/her applications without his phone. Using a keylogger, you can retrieve critical information including passwords and patterns. Besides, you may learn about the target’s interaction with computers, phones, or other software and hardware.

Keylogger for Android

Keylogger Android allows you to have a look at all that’s being typed on your target’s phone. Whether it’s messages, passwords, search history, and much more. JJSPY keylogger for Android is the best keylogger on Android phones for you. With the app installed, you not only get keylogging features but also 24/7 technical support. With the support you need, you can be sure to achieve your desires.

Best Keylogger on Android Phone Features

I presume you want to know how the best keylogger on the Android phone looks like and how it works. JJSPY has two categories for a keylogger. One falls under the advanced features while the other is one of the few exclusive and impactful features. Let’s start with the former.

This feature gives you keylogger for every app your target is on. You basically get access to what they type on the message space. All the texts they type both online and offline get to you. The Beauty about JJSPY is you do not get this feature alone. Additional features under the Advanced Features category include:

  • Live location
  • App usage report
  • Wifi location among others.

The extra features allow you to access more solid evidence in the case of a cheating partner. Sometimes, getting what the target types without the responses received may give a blurred view. You need to get the whole picture to make wiser decisions. That is why there are additional features to help you have full information.

When it gets to point access to certain apps that have been blocked, you’ll need extra entry features. The exclusive JJSPY features provide for the same. You get the best keylogger allowing you access even passwords. With a password, you can access your target phone and all the apps. Although, this will mean you get his/her phone physically.

How to Detect Keylogger on Android Phone

Forget about spying on others for a minute. Don’t you think you could also be a victim of espionage? Hackers know no rules. Anyone including you and I are bearers of critical information which when accessed could be used against us, our businesses, families or even friends. That is why knowledge on how to detect keyloggers on an Android phone is critical. Below are ways to detect keyloggers on an Android phone. You might be a victim of espionage if your phone showcases the following signs.

1. Fast battery drainage

Espionage apps are mostly active and running thus energy draining. The moment you realize your mobile device loses power unusually, do not hesitate to investigate the cause.

2. Strange messages

Do not open strange links or respond to texts you do not know the sender. Hackers use these links to get you.

3. Involuntary phone activities

Your phone is just but a device supposed to take instructions from you. Without you, the device should be dysfunctional. The moment your phone involuntary starts executing tasks without you effecting them should alarm you. For instance, your phone may be turning on and off or switching to airplane mode by itself. Such behavior should worry you.

4. Slow

Increased phone activity, low storage, and high apps installation reduce your device’s speed. An espionage app does all these simultaneously.

How to Deal with Keyloggers

You are supposed to act promptly the moment you suspect your privacy or security is compromised. Below are some of the things you may choose to do as soon as possible to restore your security.

  • Use antivirus

A Keylogger will be isolated by antivirus. The app will receive the same treatment a virus does. This is an effective way to detect and protect yourself from attacks. Therefore, ensure your Android phone has an updated antivirus at any given time.

  • Check your downloads

There is the only way to get a spy app on your phone. It’s through downloading. Keep revisiting your downloads folder to find out the latest downloads on your phone. Trust your memory when you find an app you do not remember yourself downloading. You may do some research about the app and find out what it does. Do not hesitate to get rid of it as soon as possible. Delaying a little longer may mean risking losing information or exposing yourself further.

  • Factory settings!

This is also an option. Before pressing the “restore factory settings” button, ensure you’ve backed up critical information like contacts and important files. Restoring factory settings will wipe away everything, both the good and bad apps. This will mean starting again. It is safer to be safe than sorry. You cannot afford to take risks.

Remotely Installing Keylogger on Android Phone

Once you find the best keylogger for your Android phone the next step is to install it. Click you will be required to sign up and get started. Purchase a plan and your app will be ready to serve you. In addition to a keylogger, JJSPY comes with additional features that you will benefit from. Using this app, you can access your target’s phone remotely without necessarily needing their phone.

The Bottom Line

Keylogging can work for you or against you. When used against you, do not hesitate to clean your phone immediately you find out. Using a keylogger to find out what your target keys on the keyboard requires you to go for the best to get the desired results. A keylogger that can be remotely installed and used without the target noticing is the best. One that comes with additional features is even better.

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