Best Franchises UK For Sale In 2020


Franchises are a fantastic way to start a new business while minimising the risk that’s usually involved in starting a new enterprise. What’s more, there are some excellent opportunities available right now to help you to invest in one of the best franchises UK-wide.

There is a fantastic range of businesses available to be franchised, and it’s possible to invest in a huge variety of different industries and sectors. You can join an established fast-food chain and open a new outlet, or you can invest in an up and coming franchise and reap the rewards when the business takes off in the future.

In this article, we take a look at the best franchise opportunities in the UK that you can invest in during 2020.

What is a franchise?

Before we take a look at which are the best UK franchises though, we need to understand what it means to actually open up a franchise. What exactly is a franchise?

A franchise is a licence that’s purchased by a franchisee from an established business or company. The franchise licence allows a person to then use that brand’s existing business model to set up a new store or outlet.

The great advantage of purchasing a franchise is that you can take on the knowledge and expertise of the company, using a proven business model that’s guaranteed to make you money if you implement it correctly.

Setting up a franchise takes away part of the risk of opening a new business, as you already have a known brand and image to attract customers, as well as the support of a head office or governing organisation.

What are the best franchises in UK in 2020?

Now that we’ve established what exactly a franchise is, let’s take a look at what franchises in the UK you can invest in for some serious financial returns or investment opportunities.


If you’re looking to join one of the most profitable franchises UK-wide, then look no further than investing in a Subway franchise.

The world-famous fast-food sandwich company has more franchises across the world than any other fast-food brand, and that’s because its product is one of the most sellable on the market.

Costa Coffee

You can join one of the UK’s leading coffee brands by opening up a franchise with Costa Coffee. This is a brand that has a huge presence in the UK, but there’s always room for more coffee shops.

Although a Costa Coffee franchise will cost more than your average franchise, you’re investing into a highly prized brand and business model. If you’ve got a passion for coffee, then Costa Coffee will be the perfect franchise for you.

Chips Away

If you’re after a low-cost franchise investment that will bring you great returns, then Chips Away is one of the UK’s most reputable automotive franchises.

With a focus on mobile repairmen, this is the perfect UK franchise for anyone with an interest in auto repair, as Chips Away offers low-cost window and bodywork repair at short notice and is a well-known brand in most areas of the country.

Easy Hub

The ‘Easy’ brand is perhaps best known for its famous branches, with EasyJet, the low-cost flight service, being the most recognisable. But the company also has a range of other low-cost services, and one of their newest endeavours is Easy Hub.

Easy Hub aims to provide low-cost offices, co-working spaces and hot desks, and they are expanding and opening up franchises across the country. It’s a good time to get on board with a world-famous brand but to also be a part of a new initiative at the same time.

Papa Johns

If you’re into pizza, then why not invest in a franchise of Papa Johns? It’s one of the fastest-growing pizza delivery services in the UK.

Papa Johns has slowly built up its presence across the country. They are ever-expanding and providing fierce competition to the likes of Pizza Hut and Dominos.

It has opportunities across the country and offers a chance to open up stores in new locations.

Tutor Doctors

Franchises aren’t all about fast food though, and you can invest in Tutor Doctor if you want to enter the education market and provide a quality learning service to your community.

For a minimal investment, you can become a tutor doctor in your local area, gaining access to the company’s branding, image and credentials, as well as a great client base. For tutors, this is a great franchise to become a part of.

The UK has some excellent franchise opportunities awaiting anyone looking to invest. From retail franchises to fast food outlets, there is a wide range of UK franchises for sale, and there has never been a better time to invest and to run the business that you’ve always wanted to.

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