Beruwela- An Underrated Wonder in Sri Lanka Holidays

Located in the south-western coast of the island nation of Sri Lanka, Beruwela is a tiny seaside town that has begun to develop only recently and now attracts thousands of tourists to this wonderful part of the country. Surprisingly, the mystery revolves around this classic coastal resort and when you find out exactly what Beruwela has to offer its visitors, you will be inclined to uncover it!

For a start, if you fancy spending your holidays in this part of the island while exploring Sri Lanka, you might want to make note of the fact that Beruwela marks the start of a stretch of a beach that stretches as far as 130 kilometres. This means you would not have a lot of trouble finding a quiet and isolated spot to relax and unwind. At the beach, there is a good variety of water-based activities for you to indulge in and these include snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, windsurfing, safe swimming for even the smallest member of the family, and there is also a chance to book deep-sea fishing excursions from the town.

If you are looking to explore more of the land mass – museums and temples offer a glimpse into this town’s heritage, history, and culture. Beruwela has an unusual number of historic mosques to visit and this blessed town is said to be the place where the very first Muslims settled on the island. This does not mean that you won’t find the presence of other religions in Sri Lanka. The Buddhist religion is far from neglected in this part of the world, so you may like to visit the Kandevihara Buddhist Temple, which is thought to have a history that goes back over 200 years.

When it comes to being able to encounter all the popular attractions that most tourists heading to Sri Lanka go for, you absolutely can’t leave out the great shopping there is to be done around Beruwela, with many eccentric street stalls and vendors selling interesting knick-knacks and souvenirs – you can find everything here from leather goods to colourful textiles.

By visiting Beruwela probably after Covid-19 leaves the face of the earth, you will very soon realise how this elegant coastal resort town can tick all the right boxes for you.

Happy Exploring!

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