Benefits of Pent Roof Garden Workshop

City Sheds based in Liverpool have been manufacturing , supplying and fitting a massive range of heavy duty garden workshops for over 30 years.

We have seen massive changes in the way people have changed the way they work ! 

By this we mean, rather than the traditional tradesman renting a small store or factory. 

Working from home is now becoming an increasingly popular option .

What Are the Benefits

The most obvious benefits of working from home is the traveling . Just think how much time you actually spend traveling to and from work each week.

Most people travel around 1 hour each way so this adds up to around 10 hours of your valuable time each week .

So if you are say charging say, £30 per hour for your services you could be easily losing £300 per week or £15,000 per year just on this lost time alone.

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Costs of a Home Workshop 

The cost of a good quality heavy duty garden workshop can vary tremendously depending on your individual needs .

A general home garden workshop will cost you around £17 per square foot – 20ft x 10 ft = 200ft x £17 = £3400

But this price very easily double or treble in price depending on a range of optional extras we offer .

  • Insulating 
  • Lining the inside with ply wood 
  • Fitting electrics 
  • Additional doors and windows 
  • Upgrade cladding thickness 
  • Do you need us to supply the solid base for it to sit on .

The above are just a few of the items that can make vast differences to the buildings overall price .

Do i need a base for my new garden workshop 

Yes, this goes without saying . Having a good solid level base area is vital to the longevity of your new garden workshop.

Call it the foundations if you like. Your house or apartment must have a good foundation for it to stay stable . 

The same for a workshop, you will need to provide a good solid – level area to site your new building on.

Types of bases

This is another factor where the price can vary tremendously depending on the location and the general ground conditions.

We offer the following types of bases.

  • Raised timber frame 
  • Traditional paving flags
  • Solid concrete slab 
  • Raised brick / block 
  • Gravel 

Our team will provide you with a full quote once you have provided them with some images of the area in question so they can get a better idea of your needs.

They will offer you a number of options that will be suitable to your needs and your budget.


Where you locate your new garden workshop is very important for a few reasons 

Getting general access to it on an every day basis . 

Do you have a lot of heavy items or machinery that needs to be taken in and out ?

Will you need a lot of light to be able to work? 

Will its location cause any issues to your neighbours. Planning regulations allow you to have buildings unto 2.5m max hight. The reason is so your building will not cast shadows on your nabours property.

If it is to be located under a lot of trees, long term you need to be aware of any damage falling branches and the likes may cause to the roof of your workshop.

Do you want the workshop to be directly on your property boundary ? Or against a wall or fence ?

There are many benefits that come with having a single sloping roof garden workshop.

It can be ideally sited along your fence line or boundary without looking out of place.

Pent Roof Slope Direction 

The roof can be made so it slopes either toward your boundary or fence . Or reversed  so the water falls to the front of the building.

As we manufacture all our own timber buildings , making alterations to the hight of the side walls is not problem. Generally the front wall will be around 8ft tall sloping back to a 7ft wall giving a 1ft  general slope .

Depending on the depth of the workshop roof this may need to be changed . 

You need to consider that during the winter months your workshop roof may have to hold a lot of snow weight .

The internal roof spars will change depending upon these factors. Our staff can advise you on further on this matter when you get closer to ordering .

Cladding options 

Our standard workshops come clad with 22mm thick tongue and groove timbers that have been fully pressure treated with a 15 year no rot guarantee.

We have upgrade option to 28mm or 44mm .

For a more deluxe looking workshop we offer Canadian Red Cedarwood clad option. A warm long lasting cladding with a more rustic look .

Long Term Maintenance  

All timber buildings will require long term maintenance of some sort . 

Although most of our timbers are pressure treated they still require water proofing to stop the ingress of water. We  recommend using a good quality , Spirit based product rather than a water based equivalent.

By giving your building an annual coating of this quality spirit based water repellent will simply extend the life of your building.

You can also select from a wide range of colours or shades that will enable you to have your building match into your surrounding decoration .

Roof covering options 

We offer the following roof covering options on all our garden workshops 

  • Traditional roofing felt 
  • Heavy duty torch on felt 
  • felt shingles 
  • EPDM rubber 
  • Corrugated steel or rubber sheeting 

Nation Wide Fitting Service 

We offer an all inclusive price including fitting, subject to your location and the time it takes for us to travel to you.

It will normally take around 4 to 5 hours to erect an average size garden workshop . A pent roof workshop will take roughly 1 hour less due to the way we pre manufacture the roof section.

Power – Light – Water 

Getting power to your new workshop will be critical for you to work in there long term.

You need to consider how that power cable is going to be attached from your homes main fuse board and the route it will need to take to eventually end up at your workshop ?

The water pipe will need to be below ground by at least 18 inches to stop it freezing during the winter.

Both the water  and electric will require a lot of digging  to keep the supplies safe and out of harms way. 

Our specialist survey team can offer you as much assistance as you need . With over 30 years  practical hands on experience they have seen it all over those years .

Kit Workshops 

We can also supply you with a Kit so you can erect the building at your own leisure.

This way you can make any small alterations or fit heavy machinery in place before fitting the walls and roof.

Some clients even request we cut out the openings and they fit their own doors and windows .

All in all have a good quality pent Roof Garden Workshop  supplied by City Centre Sheds and Workshops will are value to your home .

We also offer a great selection of interlocking Log cabins , Summer houses , Timber Garages , Garden Rooms and Home Offices. 

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