Beginners Guide to Ballet Dancing


It is a pleasure to watch ballet dancers gliding on stage with such beauty and charm. Ballet is an excellent form of classical dance that puts style, rhythm, and strength together. Although it is said to be one of the most challenging dances to master, it doesn’t mean you can’t revel in it. You can learn to ballet dance by knowing it’s inception and starting with the basics.

One good thing about ballet dancing is that it amplifies the body’s versatility and allows you to do just any kind of dancing if you start with ballet. You can enjoy this form of dance as an activity to develop good posture and flexibility along with toning and sculpting your body.

Whether you or your child wants to learn to do ballet, there are essential things that you need to prepare before going to ballet classes. With so many resources available today, it isn’t easy to learn the dance by yourself, considering there are lots of video tutorials that are readily available for you to study from.

Here is a simple guide on how to start with your ballet dance lessons.

The Step Names

You may find a lot of French terms when you learn to dance ballet. You may want to learn the words in advance so that you are not confused while picking up the dance steps and pronouncing the names. Take extra time beforehand to know the terms, the theories, and the basic positions.

Master the Basics

There are five primary positions that make the base of ballet dancing. Here are five important feet positions that you should master if you want to learn to dance:

  1. Stand straight with your heels together, and both your toes turned out such that your feet will form a straight line.
  2. Your Feet Should be around one foot apart.
  3. Start with the first position and then make the heel of the right foot touch the left’s instep.
  4. Start with the third position but separate the right feet about 6-12 inches apart.
  5. Start with the fourth position and bring your right feet closer to the left until the heel touches the toes of your left foot.

However, these steps may be efficiently taught through videos or pictures to make the performance perfect and correct. It would help if you did the positions well to prevent injuries.

A little patience and hard work are needed to learn to dance ballet, but you can also make it entertaining and delightful. If you or your child wants to pursue ballet dancing, you can enroll in ballet classes to ensure you have proper training and supplement it with some practice at home.

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