Bandanas as a Fashion Accessory in 2020

What do you mean by the term accessory? Well, according to most people accessories are anything extra which is used to improve the look of something. As for me, I have a totally different idea about accessories. I feel that accessories cannot be called something extra, as they are very helpful and functional in some cases. Purses and handbags are considered as essential accessories of women, ask a woman how important these are for her; then how can we call something as significant as these, merely extras.

Bandana has been an accessory used by many for the last couple of decades. Formerly, bandanas were used for covering the heads and neck not for fashion but for protecting purposes. Workers, laborers, dancers, soldiers, kitchen staff and many other people used it to cover their heads and necks, in order to prevent hair and sweat from disturbing them.
Bandanas are available in various colors, sizes, and styles. When you are picking your bandana, keep these things in mind if you are quality conscious:

  1. Material: Bandanas are prepared in various materials such as cotton, lawn, linen, silk, nylon, and others. When you are buying one for yourself, make sure that you choose the right one according to the weather condition in your town. Let’s say you are going to wear it at a sports function where there is a chance of scorching heat and bright sun, then you better pick the one which is made of light cotton; cotton will stop the sun to directly hit your head as well as its ability to breathe will not cause much sweat.
  2. Size: Consider the size before you pick one. There are various sizes that you can find them in. Some may be too small for you, while some may be too large. Thus, make the correct choice.
  3. Machine Washable: Pick the ones that are machine washable so that it is easy for you to wash them; since you will periodically need to wash them for sweat and dirt.
  4. Color: For summers, go for lighter colors while for winters go for much darker colors. There are few bandanas available in conventional colors; most of them come in prints. You can find the prints of various types such as country flags, decorative, abstract, and so on.

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