Aries Weekly Horoscope 7th – 13th June, 2020


Those who are in a committed relationship may feel some discomfort in their bond. The need of the hour is to take your spouse in confidence and talk to him or her with transparency and frankness. This delicate situation needs you to be polite at all hours. It is predicted that your lover may fall ill. Hence, you need to be caring and attentive towards that. Also, it is recommended to pay attention to your father. Follow the advice your family gives you. Do not engage in a verbal fight as it can get ugly this week.


Students who have been waiting to go abroad may start rejoicing as the planetary movement is favourable for them here. A useful tip for children is to totally immerse themselves in academics. This shall definitely bear sweet results. In case you feel bored of long hours of studying, you can try group studying. Furthermore, internet can come handy for you. It is predicted that you may spend a tad too much time on extra-curricular activities. This can interfere with your progress in education. You may be in a dilemma over choosing the subject you wish to pursue further.


In this week, an old health ailment which has been really troubling you shall get resolved. It seems you wouldn’t need to put in extra efforts with respect to you physical wellbeing. Since it is foreseen that this will be a rather stress free time, you can focus on all other aspects of life. This week shall pass sans any health complications especially for youngsters including teenagers. All you need to do here is just maintain an active lifestyle and have a balanced diet. Veterans need to be careful if they have any heart related problems.


The week brings some uncertainties. Brace yourself for a roller coaster as far as your money is concerned. But there is a silver lining here. You are likely to get a good monetary reward. This should give you the shower of wealth you have been praying for. Keep a hawk’s eye on how you spend money. This is the time to exercise frugality before making a lavish expenditure. But, you need to make smart investments. Money lying in the wallet never grows. Make consistent effort to save money.


Maintain amiability at your work place. You need to stay positive and gel well with others. Businessmen should avoid starting a new project. Also, it is not recommended to try and expand enterprise. People in sales and marketing may fail to perform as per their expectations. The time is not favourable to take any conclusive steps with regard to career. People who are involved in a group project are likely to face rejection.

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