Aries Weekly Horoscope 28th June – 4th July, 2020


The week isn’t very promising as far as love is concerned. You would feel lost in your romantic bond and furthermore, feel lonely as you wouldn’t have anyone to confide your feelings with. Take care in your communication with your lover or spouse. Things may take a nasty turn at any minor miscommunication. The same goes with respect to your friends. The time is such that a tiny disagreement may turn into an issue. Critical approach is also required for dealing with co-workers. You should anticipate some awkwardness in office. When handling grown up kids, relax and cool headed.


Students in engineering will have a particularly smooth week as promising opportunities will come their way. They will be able to learn more things related to their field and their core knowledge will expand. Doubts are going to creep up in your mind about your choice of the main subject. Ganesha advises you to take the wise counsel of your mentor. This will take long way in your career. Students who are involved in post graduate studies of a language are expected to be in high spirits. They shall remain optimistic and motivated about their academics and career.


This week may cause temper problems. You need to stay calm and collected through every situation that threatens to ruin your peace of mind. You may need to take some measures for the same. Chanting is proven to calm one’s nerves and bring tranquility. It is likely that you feel exhausted and de-motivated. Stay positive. You need to stay hydrated at all times. Consuming an ample amount of fruits is helpful. Maintain a healthy amount of water intake. No health problem is expected around this time, however, you can go for routine checkup.


The time is auspicious and you are going to receive money from different sources. Your monetary reserves shall distend and you would be in a powerful and stable position with respect to capital. Movement of celestial bodies is not opportune for investing in real estate. Financial resources expended in this manner are unlikely to ever return and would go down the drain. You are advised to keep an eye on all the money you spend and earn. This should allow you to plan well. Besides, this isn’t a good phase for buying stocks. Stay away from share market for now.


You cannot flourish at your work unless you have a rock solid belief on your skills and caliber. Keep pushing your boundaries at work and never fail to give your best. Trouble is brewing at work place regarding your work. You need to address the issue with pragmatism. It can be said from planetary movement you will be struggling to meet deadlines. Job holders might bunk the office or take a leave. Your efficiency may see a downward spiral. You need to take steps to counter it.

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