Aries Weekly Horoscope 21st – 27th June, 2020


Most people prefer to have a bond with the friends they had as kids or students. If you are no longer in touch with your buddies, this is the perfect time to catch up with them. Approach them through social media, e-mail or the good old phone call. A terrific time is predicted for couples. Sparks will fly and intense emotions of love and lust will overpower them. You need to stay away from any conflict in family. Chances are that such sourness in relations will only worsen with time. You need to maintain cozy connection with the individual who you are closest to.


You need to pay attention to grasping practical knowledge as well. Group studies are a good way to learn the concepts of books. You can also have focused and fruitful discussions with your friends during group study sessions. Students who are preparing for competitive exams are going to be successful. This is a rewarding week for them. It is indicated that you will become passionate about gaining more knowledge. You will try to gather and grasp disparate concepts taught in education in order to learn more. Engineering undergraduates may face some inconsistence in their academic pursuits.


Heart patients have worrying news for them in this time period. There is a risk of their condition worsening. Furthermore, you are unlikely to get relief from an old ailment you are suffering from. Not only this, but you can’t ignore any aspect of your health. Also, pay attention to your mental wellbeing. Don’t ignore any unusual sensation or undue stress. In order to stay fit, you need to indulge in physical exercises. A few good examples of that are gym, yoga and jogging. It is also foreseen that you may face stress as well as anxiety.


This is an ideal time for paying off any borrowed money. Things will look up with regard to money. You can merrily anticipate gaining more money and your savings will swell as well. Those with a connection in a foreign country are in luck. They are going to get some sort of monetary benefit through that connection. There is joyful news even for those who had invested money in a fund or deposit. That investment is going to grow and bring you alluring returns. It is advised that you delay making any major purchase or get involved financially in a significant way.


This is not an opportune time for starting a new venture. The planetary movement forebodes that there would be severe losses. Hence, postpone the idea to a more favourable time. Businessmen who own a manufacturing unit or are involved in this industry in any manner have a tough week ahead. They are predicted to face worrisome issues. It is predicted that there shall be considerable touring and travelling. Hence, you should have no pending work. You will be bothered by pressure at work place. Be mentally prepared for that. Do not take any major decision regarding your career.

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