Aries Weekly Horoscope 14th – 20th June, 2020


Your relationship will see a roller coaster ride. The ups and downs will be due to your wavering mood and fluctuating thoughts. In order to avoid pain and anguish, you need to stay optimistic. Be attentive towards your partner and invest yourself emotionally in the relationship. You have to strictly avoid quarrels in the family. You need to stay away from all friction with family members. Doing this shall keep you peaceful and free from stress and you will notice things will be fine. Single individuals are likely to meet someone of their liking. Be patient if you are in a relationship.


You need to focus on studies more this week. Pay attention to your academic progress and take corrective measures or maintain the pace. Planetary movement forebodes rising level of stress and pressure on educational front here. If you face any obstacles in your journey to academic excellence, do not hesitate to take help of your peers. Moreover, you may feel that you are not making apt progress in your education. You are predicted to feel this way during the weekend. Your industriousness and resilience will get recognition from everyone. This shall boost your confidence.


It is advised that you engross yourself into a hobby. This is a promising way to stay positive and energetic. While people are aware of and concerned about their physical health, they ignore their mental wellbeing. Ignoring mental health can have catastrophic repercussions. It is vital to unwind and relax. You should indulge in activities that give you pleasure. It is necessary for a healthy body to consume a balanced diet. You are predicted to face some discomfort in stomach. If you have issues with the blood pressure, take special care. Also, have regular health checkups.


It is indicated that an auspicious program may take place in the family this week. You are going to spend a lot of money around this time. Although business owners can anticipate handsome returns, the amount shall still be small in comparison to their expectations. This is not a good time to borrow or even lend money. If you have plans to make an investment, you need to consult a finance expert. Follow the professional advice to not have any regrets later. You are predicted to be focused on gaining more money, earning profit and make an investment.


Professionals engrossed in a job have disappointing news. A week where their cumbersome efforts will fail to get the desired results is predicted. The mantra for you in this time period is to focus on the quality of your work. You need to prioritize this above everything else. You have to stand guard against getting involved in activities that are of little value. Cut off all nuisance from your work. If you don’t take care of this annoyance right now, things will worsen for you. It seems you may be low on confidence. What is more you may feel despondent. You need to trust your skills and work hard.

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