Are cheap reading glasses bad for your eyes?


Whether you buy cheap reading glasses or an expensive pair from any high-end luxury store, what is most important is the fact that the glasses should be of high quality and deliver excellent results in terms of visual clarity. Here, with the word ‘’Cheap glasses we mean the affordable glasses or the glasses that are not costly and pocket-friendly.

Do not get confused with cheap that means dirt-cheap prices, glasses that are sold at the street side or poor quality glasses. We are totally against recommending you to buy prescription glasses online that are made of such sub-quality glasses. Because instead of helping and correcting vision may harm your eyes and lead to alteration or enhancement in the number of the prescription.

What are the reading glasses?

Reading glasses are essential for your eyes when you are suffering from farsightedness or presbyopia. Due to farsightedness, a person is able to view the distant objects clearly but unable to view objects that are close by. This is due to the refractive errors of the eyes and changes in the size of the lens irrespective of the age, or lifestyle. However, presbyopia is a condition which occurs generally when you attain 40s wherein the natural lens of the eyes becomes weak and flexible. Therefore, viewing objects kept nearby appears hazy, double or blurry. Often people who are reading, doing needle-work, using mobile, etc. tend to squint to view the objects that are close by.

Reading glasses are able to bend the light rays at the necessary angles to correct the refractive errors of the eyes. Therefore, they permit you to view objects clearly that are kept nearby, at a distance that is less than an arm’s.

The lenses that are used in the reading glasses are convex. This means they are bent inside out i.e. they are thinner from the middle and thicker from the edges / sides. The prescription lenses of the reading glasses or readers consist of positive power that is denoted by ‘’+’’ sign. The prescription is measured in ‘Dioptre’’. For instance, someone having +1 prescription means he/ she requires reading glasses that are of 1 dioptre.

Should you buy prescription glasses online that are cheap i.e. cheap reading glasses?

There is no harm in buying cheap reading glasses provided you consider some important points before buying them such as:

1)    Buy prescription glasses online from a reliable manufacturer like Specscart that crafts one of best eyeglasses with perfection at their state of the art laboratories.

2)   Reading glasses must be made from the high-quality lenses which are perfect in correcting the refractive errors of the eyes.

3)    When you think of buying cheap reading glasses always check out the material of the lenses and the frames.

4)    The prescription of the lens should be absolutely correct and it should not be either higher or lower than the dioptres mentioned in the prescription provided after eye-test.

5)    While selecting the lenses, refer to the prescription whether you should opt for single vision lenses, varifocal lenses or transition lenses.

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