Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 7th – 13th June, 2020


You will need to remain very calm and composed while tackling a variety of problems in regards to your relationship equations during this week. Handle all family issues as tactfully as you can. An inconsiderate exchange of harsh words between members of a joint family can result in separation. Your relationship with your siblings is going to be stronger than ever before. We recommend, you spend as much quality time as possible with your children. You will be able to get in touch with your old friends or colleagues via social media during this week. Stay calm and use gentle language, no matter what.


Students will be appreciated for their hard and sincere work by both, their teachers as well as their family. You will constantly want to upgrade your knowledge by various means such as visiting the library, surfing the internet and reading a variety of books. Good job! Keep it up! The week is particularly favourable towards students who are engaged in scientific research. Students intending to pursue higher studies overseas will successfully be able to avail admission in a college or university of their choice. Devote enough time for studying every subject and stick to a daily timetable. Hard work will be the key factor during this week.


Precaution with regards to your health and fitness matters will be of utmost importance during this week. Minor health issues will keep bothering you. You may remain mentally upset and your energy levels may fluctuate wildly. Too much of junk and spicy foods main cause digestive issues such as constipation or acidity. If you are dealing with obesity, you must exercise every day. You may not get instant results, but your health will certainly improve and you will start losing weight gradually. Try to avoid excessively sweet foods. They will just mount up useless calories. Inculcate a habit of practicing yoga and pranayama every day.


This week is going to be a roller coaster ride as far as matters pertaining to your finance and money are concerned. On an average, your financial inflow will neither be too high, nor too low. You may be presented with new opportunities to earn money. Grab them! Such opportunities will help you stabilize your finance. You may incur a substantial amount of expenses during this week. Try to keep very tight leash around unwanted expenses. Focus upon saving money for the safety of yourself as well as your loved ones. Do not consider making new investments during this week. Better days are just around the corner!


This is going to be a very progressive week for both, salaried employees as well as businessmen. The growth graph for their business and career growth is sharply positive! People who are unemployed will successfully get a job during the beginning of the week. If they work hard enough, they may even get an offer from a company that is located overseas! Businesses related to import and export of goods will flourish during this period. Those in the fabric or cloth business will be able to expand their business successfully during this week. Partnership ventures will prove to be very profitable during this period.

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