Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 28th June – 4th July, 2020


Romance is going to bloom during this week for you! You will be brimming with love and positivity for everyone around you. However, you will need to maintain harmonious relationships with your in-laws. A small misunderstanding can take a very big and ugly form. Try to avoid getting into futile arguments with your partner. Do not make your arguments an ego issue. Things could get difficult with couples if they do not learn to forgive and forget. Be very careful while communicating with your siblings. It will be a great idea if you plan a small outing or picnic with your friends and loved ones.


This week may prove favourable for students. You are likely to feel interested in extracurricular activities along with your studies. It will prove to be a good change for you. This phase will also prove favourable to prepare for competitive exams as you are likely to get expected results. It will also prove favourable to make important decisions pertaining to your further education. Any decision you make is likely to bring in positive results. If you wish to begin an important project or course, this week may bring new opportunities for you.


Take every possible precaution with matters concerning your health and fitness during this week. Do not neglect even the smallest of discomforts. Small issues will usually end up in major complications later on. There is a possibility that you may be bothered with a severe lack of appetite. You must be careful with what you eat, since chances of a stomach infection are very high. Physical weakness and fatigue may profile. Avoid drinking contaminated water and stay hydrated. Consult your physician if you your physical discomforts become too severe for you to handle. Inculcate a habit of practicing yoga and meditation. Exercising every day will also be immensely beneficial.


This week is going to yield a mixed bag of fruits as far as matters pertaining to your finance and money are concerned. There is a very strong probability of an unexpected financial gain during this period. The initial two days of the week may be slightly difficult for you to handle. You would perhaps weaken upon the financial front during these two days. Investments made in the past will offer very disappointing results. Your spouse will stand by you and support you wholeheartedly during times of your financial problems. If you are considering new investments this week, do not do so prior consulting a financial advisor first.


This is the week when you will require to be very diligent and careful about everything you do for your career growth and business. Salaried employees should be very careful while communicating with their seniors at work. They must completely refrain from getting angry for using harsh words. Procrastination is not going to help. Salaried employees will not be able to impress their bosses if they are not able to deliver their assignments on time. Those awaiting a promotion since long will get good news! Students who have just passed their fashion or interior designing courses will get suitable placements. Designers are going to outshine everybody!

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