Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 14th – 20th June, 2020



What a fantastic week this is for your romance to bloom and your married life to blossom! Singles will fall in love head over heels during this week. Do not waste time daydreaming! Buy a bunch of flowers and propose in the sweetest manner possible. There is a distinct probability of your proposal being accepted. Those who are already engaged, or are in a relationship since a long time, will be able to experience love like never before! Singles will get suitable offers for marriage during this period. A fun picnic or an outing with your loved ones, family or friends is also a possibility.


This week is going to prove to be ideal for those students who want to widen their horizons of knowledge, both theoretical and practical. Students will have an inclination towards creative arts and commerce. If you feel you have a liking towards these subjects, go ahead and pursue them! Those students in the technical field of studies will be faced with slight difficulties throughout the week. There is also a distinct possibility of students getting confused while choosing their prime subjects for further studies. Take the guidance of your teachers and mentors during times of such confusion. Chartered accountancy students will experience a lot of negative pressure.


You must be very careful with matters pertaining to your health, both, mental as well as physical. If you allow your mind to constantly worry about petty issues, it will certainly lead to anxiety and stress. This will leave you feeling fatigued and completely drained out of energy. Insomnia is another problem you will need to deal with. A good night’s sleep will be absolutely essential for you during this time. Lack of sleep and rest will have adverse repercussions. Try to control your unnecessary thoughts by practicing meditation and yoga every day. Diabetics should adhere to a strict dietary regime and avoid foods with excessive sugar.


The week has to offer mixed results pertaining to matters related to your finance and money. The more cautious you are, the better it will be! Do not consider making new investments during this week as they will not prove to be profitable. Try to clear all your outstanding debts as soon as possible. Businessmen should not consider expanding their business, as of now. Those associated with the stock markets should refrain from taking any unnecessary risks. Businessmen associated with purchasing and selling of real estate will be presented with a very profitable deal during this week. We advise them to make the most of it!


This is going to be a week full of action on the career growth as well as business front. Salaried employees are going to see a lot of action during this week. People who have been awaiting a promotion since a long time will get good news! Temporary employees will become permanent ones due to their hard work, sincerity and diligence. Those who have changed their jobs may find it difficult to work in the new environment. The workload and stress will take a toll over their mental peace. Even day to day work will seem difficult to accomplish. Businessmen will do good business overseas!

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