Apple suppliers developing OLED displays with low-power tech


(IANS) Apple”s supply chain partners are reportedly developing new OLED displays for the 2021 iPhones with low-power LTPO technology.

According to industry sources, Apple is yet to introduce its 5G iPhones for 2020 but its supply chain is already developing OLED screens using LTPO backplane technology for next year”s premium iPhone models, reports DigiTimes.

LTPO technology is responsible for handling individual pixels on the panel. Since the entire display is not lighting up and only the required pixels light up, it serves to save power and ultimately enhances battery life.

Apart from being more power-efficient, LTPO technology can also improve features like an always-on display, ProMotion, and much more.

Meanwhile, Apple is expected to launch four new iPhones under the iPhone 12 series in September which would include two premium variants.

iPhone 12 Pro will come in 6.1-inch or 6.7-inch sizes and one of them may feature a 120Hz ProMotion Display, a 3x rear camera zoom, and improved Face ID.

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