7 Steps Leaders Can Follow to Return Back to Work Post lockdown

A lot of leaders in my circle decided to take time off due to the current pandemic. People focused on health, they tried to fix their family issues and it was all a fun time in personal life. However, the world is opening up now. It is time to get back to leading.

If you are afraid of going back to the 9-5 routine, don’t panic because most people feel this way. Here are 7 ways to push away that mood and get you back on your feet to work.

  1. Revive your memory: Get your self-confidence back by doing a refresher course specific to your area of expertise. See what are the latest updates in your industry and try to follow the news.
  2. Start Slow: If you’re been out of the workplace for some time (due to pandemic or some other reason), it’s often a good idea to start part-time until you find a balance. Whether you’re returning to work with small children or after your big kids have flown the nest, your interests are going to be very different from what they were before, so organize what it is you want and expect from your new job before agreeing to a full-time contract.
  3. Be Practical: Pitching for a promotion or pay rise can be hectic, but the trick is to be positive in what you have to offer. Never plead, and don’t allow yourself to get emotional – be exact about why you deserve to be promoted. If you need to, write notes and bring these with you when you approach your boss.
  4. Common Sense: Managing household finances and balancing a raft of other chores means that you’re probably a very skilled organiser. So play up these positives in your CV rather than skirting over your time out of the workplace.
  5. Self-Praise: Confidence is essential if you’re going to succeed at work. If you don’t believe in yourself, why would anyone else? Master your success, however small, whenever your self-esteem takes a beat. Look to your role models and remember: if they can do it, so you can.
  6. Dress to win, not to distract: Appearance is extremely vital – when you look for the part, you feel the part. remember, though – clothes can’t hide your failings, so don’t use a crafty outfit to cover up the work you haven’t done or the energy you don’t have. Your outfit should reflect your standard of work and your attitude.
  7. Hold on to your enthusiasm: It’s normal for that early rush of activity in your job to fade. Speak to your boss about on-the-job training or set yourself new goals so that you’re always faced with fresh hurdles.

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