5 Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Solicitor


Starting from buying a house, struggling to see your kids selling a property there are many stressful events that crop out in our lifetime to time. And, a good solicitor can make all the differences in making the process easier of whatever situation it be. 

A good solicitor not only takes care of all the legal aspects but also takes your best interest at heart when fighting by your side. And what more is that, a solicitor who is negligent results in costly mistakes.  But how do you decide which one is right for you?

This is why in this segment we will have listed down 5 helpful tips for choosing the right solicitor. Before making a rushed decision read on to these helpful tips to make sure that your solicitor has a good rapport and the right one that you came across.

Ask Your Family & Friends

One of the best ways to choose a right solicitor is by asking for recommendations from your friends and family.

It is well worth asking them because think about it- if someone has experienced a good service when using an estate agent they do like to appreciate them.

Similarly, if they have a bad experience they would also tend to tell the word out and aware of the consequences.

This is why, it is always better to talk to family and friends and asking for their recommendations when choosing one.

Getting More Than One Quote

When choosing a solicitor it is better to always get more than one quote and this is why try to get quotes from at least three firms.

These days you can get a price quote simply by ringing up a solicitor over phone.

Make a brief conversation and try to understand if they feel comfortable during the conversation as well as comparing fees over phone

Not to Choose On Price Alone

It is never a wise decision to choose a solicitor depending on the price alone.

If you get a price quote from a solicitor which is significantly cheaper than other then it would probably means either of the two things.

Cheaper price quote means that either the work will be handled by unqualified ones or the firm has budgeted to spend less time on your case.

Questions To Ask Your Solicitor

It is common to find out that your solicitor would ask some questions and after he finishes questioning you it is time for you to do the same. 

Here are some questions to ask your solicitor-

•           What does the quote includes and excludes?

•           Does the firm specialize in certain conveyance that such as residential conveyance or not?

•           How many cases does the firm deal with in a year?

•           Who will handle the work?

•           Will you need a barrister for your case?

Appointing With Confidence

At Redkite Solicitors Carmarthen we understand how important it is to feel comfortable enough with your solicitor.

Before choosing a solicitor it is important to feel confident about it. As such when consulting with one try to understand how comfortable they are also when negotiating price.

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