5 Dating Apps Like Tinder for Free Dating

When it comes to dating, we want quality without the price tag. We want to find genuine connections with people in our area that we are attracted to. But we don’t want to have to commit  to lengthy subscriptions or expensive fees over an extended period of time.

If this sounds like you, then read on.

The world of free online dating has changed significantly in the past 10 years. As technology has advanced and our culture has moved forwards, dating apps and match websites have become a very accepted part of modern life. Online dating is not so much a niche anymore, as it is a mainstream dating activity!

Every year, more and more singles realise the value of online dating and head to the app store or the internet search box to seek a partner. Tinder is notoriously one of the ‘super giants’ on the online dating market. It’s well known, highly popular (for good reason) and entirely free to use.

But what other free online dating app are available – and why do modern singles need to know about them?

Joyously, our options extend further than just Tinder!

It’s important to note that not every app is the same. In the same way that not every dating event or social meeting place is the same. USA daters have a say in what kind of app they’d like to use, based on what feels right for them.

Want to know more? Read on, to discover the five apps you certainly won’t want to miss out on:

1.   Hinge – an app that matches daters based on specific likes and dislikes – is pitched as ‘the app for people who hate dating apps’. The company responsible for it claims that over 75% of activity on their product results in live dates. This is a promising start for those tired of interface messaging that goes nowhere. When it comes to dating, singles in the USA only want apps that are worth their time and download effort. Hinge is one of those apps, connecting you with friends of your friends or other potential matches in your local neighbourhood.

2.   Bumble – This particular app is entirely designed and powered by a team of women, which makes it a promising option for both sexes in many ways. It has been cleverly developed to automatically  combs through profiles, in order to close down fake or abusive accounts. Thank goodness for that! Bumble also prides itself on the standard of its usability. Blurry profile photo, or an Inappropriate caption? Bumble won’t be hosting you. What a refreshingly innovative approach to what should always have been a relatively straightforward connection process. With Bumble, you can enjoy the fruits of the app without the time-wasting of some other apps. What’s not to love? Or perhaps, who!

3.   Plenty of Fish – The dating app that boasts it is ‘the tool for singles who want quality connections without dipping too far into their wallet’. Plenty of Fish is one of the few and far between free dating apps that allows you to contact suitable dates without having to pay for any kind of subscription or payment plan. You also don’t have to swipe to connect as you do with Bumble or Tinder, which can be beneficial for gentlemen who are finding it hard to find organic matches.

4.   Coffee Meets Bagel – This particular app has arrived on the scene with some confidence! The app developers behind it claim that Coffee Meets Bagel has the most highly educated daters, with the vast majority of their users holding at least a Bachelor’s degree. If that’s important to you, then this could be the app for you. If you are more interested in characteristics than academics, this app still offers highly quality matches based on the social media connections you already have. Sometimes it’s just nice to know you move in similar social circles!

5.   Happn – One of the fastest moving and most popular free dating apps in the industry, Happn is the dating app that is set to change online dating in the future for many singles. With over 18 million users, the app operates by introducing you to singles you have already crossed paths with based on your geo-locations function on your smartphone. It could include that handsome barista you smile at each morning, or even someone who you’ve never noticed before who catches the same bus to work. What a great way to start a conversation!

Bonus: Free.Date, www.Free.Date is perhaps the newest and fastest growing totally free dating site for 2020, it is a site like Tinder but totally free with a global singles database. What we loved about free.date was the fact there are NO UPGRADES. It is a fair and level playing field that gives off an air of authenticity. 

The experience of using dating apps and free online match websites should be as positive as possible. Even if you don’t meet the person you’re looking for first swipe or first search then don’t lose heart. Just like in real life, sometimes it takes more than a few attempts before any success is found!

By making full use of these five dating apps listed above, you will be equipping yourself with the tools to give you the best chances of successful dating this 2020.

Whether it’s a long term love you’re seeking or a fun date night for now, enjoy exploring the dating apps that have been designed to help you along your way. And yes, there really is life beyond Tinder!

Enjoy exploring your options – you deserve to enjoy all of the many benefits of online dating. 

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