5 Benefits of Taking a Live-In Job

If you’re looking for a career in the household staff industry, it is highly recommended to consider taking a live-in position, as there are many perks you can enjoy. Whether you have prior experience as a nanny, gardener,or chef to name just a few, there are many rewards to living on-site, and we have listed few of these below.

Comfortable accommodation

Live-in accommodation is usually of high quality, extending from your bedroom and bathroom to separate houses that are typically furnished to a high standard. You can also expect accommodation to include television and internet access which will help you feel relaxed. You will also find that most of the housing is also on large estates, meaning you’ll experience stunning grounds during your period of employment.


Live-in staff is often accommodated in secure, family environments, which gives a sense of safety while working.

Live with your partner

If you and your partner both have household skills, several households look to hire couples, meaning you will be able to live and serve from together. You may even be presented with an entire building/house to yourselves, such as an apartment. Also, some jobs rely on the hope that you would stay for a period of over five years, granting you both with security for the future.

Lesser Outings

As your employer will provide your accommodation, your overheads will be much shorter than if you live in your own home. You will not have to worry about everyday costs such as travel, meals and utilities – meaning that what you earn can be spent or saved. It may also be included in your contract that you can use the family car out of hours, so you can still travel around while exercising your free time for a much lower cost.

Becoming a part of a larger family

One of the most exciting aspects of working as a household staff member is friendliness – you will make lots of new bonds during your time of work, some that will prove to be long-lasting. 

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