4 Tips for Growth Every Voice-Over Artist Should Read


If you work in a voiceover, sometimes it’s easy to overlook that you are your own product. With this in mind, it’s very crucial that you keep not only your voice in tiptop shape but also, your brand. While working at your technique and mastering it is the prime ingredient of success, there are numerous ways to improve your overall product. Learning a few tips will not only increase your marketability but overall, will enhance your voiceover as a career as well.

  1. Remember Your Audience

    Often, we get so busy at work that we overlook who we are working for. Don’t let this confusion happen to you. Keep in mind who your target audience is. Doing this will assist you to keep things in prospect. Besides, voice-over is a bit complex than traditional acting, it’s necessary to stay focused and remain truthful to your trade. For instance, if you are targeting a certain audience, avoid wasting your time by training your voice for another.
  2. Grow Your Brand

    One very easy way to enhance your career in voiceover is to strengthen your brand. In other words, define precisely the type of voice over you do and do it well. If you perform a wonderful character voice than choose to highlight your talent by finding work that showcases your capacity to bring characters to life. Do not get caught up in the “jack of all trades and master of none” routine. It makes no sense to market your voice for something other than what you are proficient in providing. Besides, an essential part of developing your brands is to decide what name you want and stick with it. If you are going to have a stage name, fine, but be consistent.
  3. Boost Your Visibility

    One of the best ways to get unnoticed is to be invisible. On the other hand, if you are looking for work activities and make your presence well known, it is more likely that you will get seen. If you are not already online, build a website, and hire a professional webmaster to make certain that your online presence is professional. Nothing turns off a potential client like an amateur website with spelling mistakes or unpolished material. Also, remember to include a contact page that is visibly pleasing and easy to navigate. Avoid gaudy design and anything that is too wordy. Clients are looking for voice-over talent, not website design.
  4. Refine Your Technique

    A fairly obvious suggestion, but one that gets overlooked nonetheless – Practice, practice, practice. This means go to workshops, read literature on the industry, and tutor yourself. There is never too much light when it comes to learning a profession. Learn what types of voice over is the hottest in the market. Learn the drifts in the voice-over or anything else you can get your hands on. Contemplate hiring a voice-over coach. Working with a professional a few days a week allows you to focus accurately on any areas that may need improvement.

Magnifying your voice over career is easy if you follow a few tips. Refine your technique, strengthen your brand, and boost your visibility with a great website.

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