4 Reasons to Have at Least One Pedestal Fan at Home

Image Courtesy: Luminous

The summer season is at our doorsteps. Given the tropical weather of our country, it is pertinent that you prepare in advance for the sweltering heat and hot sticky weather. Imagine coming home from outside, all drenched with sweat, then you may want to cool down immediately. In such situations, having an average ceiling fan may not prove enough. Instead, you may also need something potent such as a pedestal fan, to give you the much-needed cooling effect. 

Pedestal Fans are indispensable in extreme summer, as a secondary cooling device to your ceiling fans and air conditioners. The ease and convenience of the pedestal fans help ensure that you find solace in your home during the sweltering summer heatwave. The combination of having air conditioning and a pedestal fan at home will help you beat the heat with ease. With many options available in the market, you should choose a design from reputable brands such as Luminous that ensures quality and reliable operations. They have a wide variety of pedestal fans available in two sweep sizes – 400mm (16″) and 500mm (20″).

Types of Pedestal Fan at Home:

Normal Speed Pedestal Fan- These pedestal fans have a speed of 1350 rpm and can be used during any weather. 

High Speed Pedestal Fan- These fans have the speed of 2100 rpm and beyond. The high speed gives comfort during extreme summer or humid conditions. 

There are various reasons which make the pedestal fan a necessity for your home:

Easily Moveable 

Out of the most useful feature of a pedestal fan is that it is lightweight and can be easily carried around anywhere in your house. Hence, if you work from home, the pedestal fan ensures that you do not feel hot in any corner of your house. You just require plugging it into a power socket and enjoy the airflow. The portability of the fan enables you to sit peacefully even outdoors in your balcony/Kitchen garden.

Multi Directional Oscillation

Most Pedestal Fans available now a days have multi directional motorized oscillation feature available. The oscillation feature of this fan allows the fan to oscillate back and forth, thus, distributing the fresh air around equally. In a situation when you have people coming over to your house, this characteristic is beneficial to maintain an even delivery of fresh air.

Ease of Assembly

Pedestal fans are very easy to assemble and can be assembled by you at home with the help of very basic tools like a screwdriver. 

Hassle-free Operation

In recent years, there has been a growth in technologically advanced products which ensure that you get a good circulation of air in summer. The pedestal fan ensures smooth operation with no difficulty. These fans are axial as the blades force the air to move parallel to the shaft around which they rotate. Furthermore, you can adjust the pedestal fan’s height as per your requirement. Also, some fan designs have an option of a detachable stand. 

Ensure efficient cooling with Pedestal Fans

With a pedestal fan, you can avail of an effective secondary cooling solution, together with quality service and dependability. These fans ensure that you get maximal comfort due to their portability and are able to control the temperatures inside your home with relative ease. Reliable brands such as Luminous offer you quality service and fans that are trustworthy. They have pedestal fan models available in multiple colours and sweep sizes. While selecting, you can explore their website online and choose the most suitable option to fulfill your needs.

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