Taurus Weekly Horoscope 28th June – 4th July, 2020



The first and last days of this week might be gloomy in terms of relationship and love. You are advised to be very clear in your communication with your partner especially. You need to be unambiguous in conversations and leave no room for misinterpretation or miscommunication. The time is not conducive to take your relationship to the next step. The strength and intimacy of your feelings for your lover or spouse shall peak around the middle of the week. You could express your undying love to the object of your affection; but do it in a creative manner.


The students may face tough situations on the first and the last days of the week. It is predicted they shall lack interest in academics and would be lethargic. Apart from this, the week shall be filled with positivity and joy for them. The week shall be particularly productive for undergraduates in science, engineering and law related courses. Similarly, school students shall find reason to rejoice here. Youngsters who wish to study abroad will get a huge relief in this time duration. Hindrances in their path to a foreign education shall get cleared and their dream will finally turn into reality


You are going to be bubbling with energy and your enthusiasm shall be at its peak at the onset of the week. Not only this, but you shall be inclined to partake in sports competitions. Going to the gym shall become more than a chore. It shall be your tonic to revitalizing the spirit. However, there might be a few dampeners. It is foreseen that you will experience discomfort in certain parts of body. You may have to bear pain in joints, shoulders or problems in head-ear region. This could hamper your productivity at work. Furthermore, you could experience dullness and weakness.


Initial four days of this week bode well for your finances. You can expect an appreciable amount of money to come your way. This is highly rewarding time duration for salaried workers. They will get many monetary rewards in the form of bonus, arrears or incentives. Promotion or steep hike in salary cannot be ruled out either. Even business owners shall receive encouraging rewards. This could be success in their business. Moreover, for all those entrepreneurs who are into buying and selling of stock, this week will give them a lot of cheer. You might spend the excess income on gold, silver or real estate.


The first 3 days will be efficient for your career. Perhaps you will get the job you have been seeking all this time. If you have been looking for a change of job, then this is the time when your wish shall be fulfilled. Government employees are set to have a pleasant week. They shall see their work being recognized and garner appreciation of colleagues and seniors. It is also indicated that you may be sent on a foreign trip for work related purposes. Around the middle of the week, you should be careful in making decisions.

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