3 Obstacles That Can Destroy Your Self-Esteem.

Here are three hurdles that can destroy your self-esteem.

Submissive to Advertisements

It is a fact, vulnerability sells. That’s right, if you hear the media – especially in the advertisements that we see at every turn, whether in print or on Television, you will see and understand the marketing ploy of insisting that you’ll feel better about yourself if you purchase or use a product. And it’s right! Expectations about a commodity inflates so much that you do feel better about yourself for a brief time after the purchase. But it is temporary, and when you take a look at your bank account, you feel even more regretful. So do yourself a favor and stop giving in to the advertisements.

Comparing Yourself to Others

There is always going to be someone who has has a pretty face, a better smile, a bigger wardrobe or luxury car, or a better job than you do. Comparing yourself to those around you is a massive pitfall that most people fall into more than once. Stop it! Don’t estimate your own happiness by how you stand in contrast to other people who are just begging for problems.

Identifying With the External. 

It is easy to identify with some external factors such as our job, our spouse’s job, or even our kids. How many times have you met people who presented themselves as their job title? “Hi, I’m Alex, Chief Accountant for Sevou Industries.” It is as if they have become their job, their position, or whatever they recognize with. This sort of action always leads to frustration, for as soon as something shifts in the external identity, the person’s self-worth dies.

While many other factors can distract you from building your self-esteem, these three significant traps form the bulk of the obstacles. Make sure you avoid these pitfalls altogether and empower yourself by growing fast towards developing your self-esteem.

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