3 Fool-Proof Ways To Get Prescription Glasses Online

Going online to look for a pair of sunglasses could be a more convenient way to purchase trendy new shades. You no longer need to go to brick-and-mortar shops to look for something that could suit your style and needs. But if you need a pair of prescription glasses, online shopping can become more challenging. You need to consult an optometrist to get a prescription for the right kind of lens for your specs. 

If you already have a prescription on hand, you can pick a frame from an online shop, then specify your needs before you check out your purchase. You can get 1001 optical glasses at their online shop and can order any type of lens like single-vision, progressive, occupational, or toric lens and then have it inserted in the frame of your choice. But if you have yet to know eye requirements, here are several tips that you need to remember when getting a pair of prescription glasses online. 

Acquire A Prescription And PD Measurement

If you do not have a prescription at the moment or if it already expired, you need to visit your doctor to get one immediately. While it could be acceptable to check out the available frames while you are at the optometrist’s clinic, it would be wiser to avoid making any purchases. Most online optical shops offer amazing deals that could save a lot of money on designer glass frames. Some prices can even go as low as 50% lesser compared to the rates in physical shops. 

Aside from getting a prescription, you must also ask your optometrist to check your pupillary distance (PD). It is the space located between the eyes. It will make it easier for you to look for a pair of prescription glasses that perfectly fit your face. 

Check Out Frames That Suit Your Face Shape 

After having your prescription, you can begin to shop for your 1001 optical glasses online. It would help if you determined the shape of your face to know what frames will look good on you. You can search for guides to find the frame that matches your face. But as a rule, you must avoid getting oval-shaped glasses if you have a round face and choose a round-rimmed frame if you have an angular face. 

As soon as you know the different types of frames for your face shape, you can begin to narrow down your choices. You may select the colour of the frame and pattern that matches your style. You could also consider other extra features like UV-blocking treatments and comfortable nose pad and temple tip. 

Pick The Lenses 

When you have finally selected your ideal frame, you must find the right kind of lenses for your prescription glasses. You can opt to get the regular, straightforward lens with your prescription, but you can also add several inclusions to provide you with better vision. 

According to the web-based 1001 optical glasses shop, you can ask for any types of lenses that meet your eye’s requirements. Some lenses can transition from clear to dark if you get exposed to too much sunlight, while others come with a blue-light-blocking feature to protect your eyes if you need to stare at your computer screen for a long time. It will also help if you get an anti-scratch lens coating to help you protect your specs for a long time. 

Once all the prescription, frame, and lens selections are already in order, you can finally take your eyeglasses to the checkout page to pay for your purchase. You may opt to get priority shipping so you can use your new pair right away. It would also help if you understood the shop’s return policy so you can refer to it if there is a problem with your purchase. This online shopping for prescription glasses could be a piece of cake if you follow all these tips. 

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