3 Essential Dietary Habits That Stall Premature Aging

One recurring theme in human history is the desire to sustain youth for an eternal period of time. Although such phenomena might only exist in fantasy fables, stalling the onset of aging is still possible with the right dietary habits. Embracing old age is undesirable because of the effects it leaves on our body- plummeting energy levels, weakened limbs, and a loss of vibrance.

As the popular saying goes, ‘’you are what you eat’’, and if your eating habits are inhibiting the body’s capacity to rejuvenate, and maintain a youthful verve, then chances are that you enter the realm of aging. After taking insights from seasoned nutritionists and dieticians, we have listed the best eating habits that are both easy to adopt and effective to fight off premature aging.

Eat Foods Enriched With Bioactives

Bioactives are chemical compounds that are known for their ability to amplify the efficacy of various biological processes that go around in your body. The body’s capacity to stay active, regulate its blood pressure, maintain the radiance of its skin and all other vitals are predetermined by a set of procedures. These are well regulated by ingesting bioactive rich foods.

These compounds are found in certain fruits such as grapes, apples, cacaos, and berries. One type of bioactive compound, known as flavanol is known to sustain heart function and reduce the age-associated clogging of arteries.

Drink A lot Of Water

The human body mostly consists of water. Being a fundamental element of our survival, water acts as the catalyst for most systematic reactions in our body and is the medium for body elements to survive. 

Making a habit of drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day keeps premature aging at bay because water has natural antioxidants within them. These super-nutrients flush out harmful toxins and keep our skin fresh and glowing. 

Reduce Saturated Fat Intake

Obesity is a predecessor to a variety of diseases that can fasten the aging process. Because saturated fats are extremely easy to digest, they are deposited in our bloodstream and transportation systems within no time, causing a hormonal irregularity. This can suppress the production and transportation of growth hormone (GH) which is important to replenish damaged cells and overcome wear and tear.

To stay young, replacing saturated fats with foods that have Omega 3 fat is the best way to go. This can be found in sources like Salmon and mackerel. To amplify growth hormone levels, using synthetic supplements such as the HGH Somaderm Gel can be a game-changer as well.

The HGH Somaderm Gel by New U Life is unique as it is applied to the skin and can directly be absorbed into the bloodstream, without being destroyed in the gut. Supplemented GH levels are associated with improved bone and joint health, as well as bringing people back to their youthful twenties. 


Getting appropriate nutrition sets of a range of biochemical processes in our body that fortify defense against premature aging. With the dietary habits mentioned above, anyone can unlock the elixir of life and enrich their lives with energetic experiences, without embracing the grip of premature aging.

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