14 Signs you are Suffering from Loneliness

The vibe in your once simple life has abruptly altered due to some pressing personal reasons, you feel hollow, very unsafe, and isolated in the world. Time flies by so gradually which makes minutes feel like days, you flood your pillow soaking wet with tears every night not understanding what to do next, and have no wish to get out of the couch and put on a bright face the next day.

Loneliness is one of the familiar emotional stages you go through after any personal life tragedy. This stage can surrender your world into what feels like a tornado tearing through your life, it can ruin friendships you already have which leads to severe depression if not managed accurately.

You do not have to go through a personal life disaster to endure loneliness, some people feel lonely even when nothing wrong has happened, they feel even though they are circled by other people and their partner is right beside them that nobody recognizes them and find it very hard to relate with anybody.

What are some of the obvious signs of Loneliness?

  1. You feel everybody else in the world has supporters and you do not
  2. When you are in a crowd you feel so detached from them
  3. You feel annoyed, critical and cynical about everything
  4. You are satisfied there is something wrong with you and everybody knows it
  5. You think that others do not appreciate your problems because they are so bizarre
  6. You are remarkably self-conscious in everything you do
  7. When you do something incorrectly, you get greatly embarrassed
  8. Scared of talking to strangers and resist to join in a conversations
  9. You feel notably shy and afraid of others even though you may know them
  10. Your self-esteem is very moody
  11. Feeling uneasy and sad thinking no one knows how sorrowful and alone you feel
  12. You lose your capacity to be confident and feel “obscure”
  13. Refuse to receive change and do not want to try anything new
  14. Feeling as though nothing interests in life and considering ending it all

Some people try to dull these feelings with unnecessary alcohol, drugs, and meaningless dates and parties which only lengthen your recovery as the pain is left abandoned and will never go away until it is traded with.
It is more beneficial to face your loneliness head-on and admit that it is a very strong sensation which you need to give the time and space to run its course while you see to work through it accurately.

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