Why The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic Should be your Next Travel Destination


The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Canada’s oldest and biggest museum, is centrally located on the celebrated waterfront of downtown Halifax. It offers a plentiful collection of the Maritime history of Nova Scotia and its strong heritage with the sea. Artifacts and images from the Titanic along with knowledge on the role Halifax participated in the result of the sinking, a spellbinding film telling the tale of the Halifax detonation of 1917, with descendants themselves telling their own stories, to boat building, Days of Sail, the Age of Steam, World War 2 Convoys, The Battle of the Atlantic, The Canadian Royal and Merchant Navies just to name a few of the displays for all to enjoy. The museum is a must-see for any tourist to Halifax.

The museum gives hands-on programs including shows for children and families. There are numerous historic ships docked beside the public to walk through to see how marines lived and worked in earlier times.

The Museum proceeds to add to the content and history through research and development and documentation of Maritime themes and projects. Also, they offer a source library with books, magazines, and files along with trained staff to answer questions. For any in-depth request, appointments may be necessary.

It was a group of Royal Canadian Navy officers who first came up with the notion of a Museum to preserve and conserve Canada’s naval past. It was first discovered in a small space in the Halifax Dockyard in 1948 and was relocated to the Halifax Citadel in 1952. It was named the Maritime Museum of Canada in 1957.

Due to floods, fires, and size limitations, the Museum was moved to numerous locations, many times over the years. In 1982 the Museum was finally moved and settled in its current location on the Halifax historic waterfront on the site of the Robertson & Son Ship Chandlery and A.M. Smith and Co. Properties. It was opened on January 22nd, 1982 as the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

The Museum is a favorite spot with locals and tourists alike. The Museum is open year-round, and many school groups visit the site during the school year.

There is so much to understand and do. It is recommended that you allocate 3 or 4 hours to enjoy the various exhibits, and to tour the ships docked alongside. You could well make a day trip at the neighbourhood with a walk along the boardwalk, a visit to one of the seafood eateries, and a tour of the historic parks and the many stores and boutiques.

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