Why Philanthropy Entrepreneurship is the way ahead

Philanthropy consists of “private initiatives, for the public good, focusing on the quality of life”. Philanthropy conflicts with business initiatives, which are private initiatives for private good, focusing on material gain, and with government endeavors, which are public initiatives for the public good, e.g., directing on the provision of public services. A person who exercises philanthropy is a philanthropist.

There is a thriving community of people who are living in this latest reality. These people have discovered there is an excess of wealth in the world and don’t contribute to the misguided rationalizing that goes “once I have made my fortune escalating the corporate ladder I will be able to have my share of the abundance and then subscribe to philanthropic purposes.”

These people now understand that it is not the way life works. They know that plenty begins first with deciding. They have decided they want to be wealthy, to be a help in the world, and they are being that person now.

But having made that decision, how does the person in the street practically go about making that happen for themselves?

There is an affluence of new concepts and possibilities available; new ones it seems every day, hour minute, and second. Which is the one that enables these people to realize what they have determined to be?

New on the scene is a business that does just that. A business whose core vision is philanthropy. The purpose of this business is “To empower individuals with possibility, and to promote humanitarian and environmental aid, where it is needed in the world.”

This is a win-win-win game where money from the sales of those competing goes directly to humanitarian and environmental projects.

Businesses that have the thought to be a decisive force changing the world for the better are not uncommon, but philanthropy is unique in that it has not only blessed this in the company mission but has also cemented it in place as a cornerstone of its fundamental method of operating: revenues are applied to humanitarian and environmental initiatives all around the globe. 

Yes, philanthropy really means supporting the society and making sure no one sleeps hungry and/or without a roof. It is the next big thing after the pandemic era.

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