Why Galapagos Island is a must in your travel bucket list

Traveling to Galapagos is a phenomenal way to see evolution in action. By taking an expedition of these tiny volcanic islands that lie just mounting the equator in the Pacific Ocean, you will be treated some truly unbelievable sights. Cruise the region by boat, ship, or yacht to enjoy schools of whales, dolphins, and sharks swimming by that migrate here during colder climates. If you take a panga or kayak ride close to the shores of any of these islands, you will also come across colonies of playful sea lions and the strange-looking marine iguanas that rest along the rocky coast.

Exploring this beautiful island not only lets you see all that needs to be seen but also offers tourists a hassle-free vacation, where they can just sit back and enjoy the ride while their every need is taken care of. Visit the several islands of the Galapagos on your tour and enjoy the different features that each isle has to offer. Walk the pathways of giant Galapagos Tortoises and be on the lookout for hastening iguanas along the way. Explore the trails left behind by the volcanoes of each island and don’t forget to see the different flora found out here as well.

On Galapagos Island, you will not only will you enjoy some spectacular sights, but there are plenty of activities to indulge in also. Dive into some of the most marine rich waters of the world and discover a cornucopia of underwater life. Here, not only do you come face to face with dozens of brightly colored tropical fish, but you also get the chance to encounter sea turtles, marine iguanas, eels, whales, dolphins, and a variety of ray and shark species.

With its amazing array of wildlife, this expedition is perfect whether you want a tranquil vacation or a family adventure. There are several tour operators in this archipelago that offers plenty of expeditions around the area. Make sure that you pick the tour that most suits your needs. Tours can range from a week to 15 days and can be boat-based or daily trips. In a boat-based tour, one usually stays aboard a yacht or cruise ship and visits the various islands along the way. While on a daily trip tour you are based in the town of Puerto Ayora and your tour operator arranges daily boat rides for you to the many islands. An alternate touring option can be a hotel based tour, with you staying in hotels on 3 or 4 different islands across the ocean.

Depending on your vacation budget, you can plan for a first-class luxury tour or an economical one. However, be sure to get all the tour details before you make your final decision.

These tiny islands can be loads of fun with bird watching, kayaking, taking panga rides, hiking, and trekking. Perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors or who love nature, a visit here can be a true treat for all!

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