What Do You Know About Climate Change Trends?


Climate Change is not something that is coming ten years or ‘n’ number of years from now – it isn’t a thing of the future anymore, it is right here, happening right now. It is a real and an on-going crisis that the entire globe is suffering from.

Approximately 10,000 years ago Humans started twisting our Earth’s atmospheric chemistry due to agricultural practices. The changes were minimal until the industrial revolution changed the chemistry furthermore. There was a change in trends that took place during the latter half of the 20th century and transitioning into the 21st century. Well to be honest, when I first got to know about climate change, the thoughts striking my head were related to the technical aspects of global temperature, and here are some trends which did justice to the term ‘Climate Change’ when I looked for answers to the thoughts I had.

  1. Increase in temperature over land and sea.
  2. Increase in temperature in boreholes.
  3. Increased humidity in the atmosphere.
  4. Melting of glaciers.
  5. Melting of permafrost which results in the release of methane gas (a major contributor to the greenhouse effect).
  6. Sea levels are rising.
  7. The stratosphere is cooling.
  8. There is an increase in ocean heat content.
  9. The increasing frequency of unusual weather patterns and storms.
  10. Oceans are evaporating at an increasing rate, increased evaporation also means a decrease in moisture of the soil.
  11. The temperature of the upper crust of the Earth is increasing.
  12. There is an increase in ocean heat content.
  13. Glaciers, sea ice melting is pretty evident these days.
  14. Plants and Animals are shifting to higher latitudes and altitudes.
  15. The temperature of the air is increasing in the troposphere (lower atmosphere).
  16. If you are interested in weather reports you would have noticed the early arrival of spring and fall later in the year.
  17. Outbreaks of pest infestation.
  18. Extinction of animal species,
  19. Ocean acidification.
  20. Nights warming more than before.

I feel ’20’ is the favourite digit of this year. Well to put these trends in an Instagram language, Caption: Changing Trends! and Caption Credit: @climatechange

You don’t have to be a Climatologist to observe these changing trends, you can feel it, it’s all happening around you and we just ignore it like ‘how the other side of the coin’ is ignored. Industries are important for the growth and development of any country so one cannot be a fanatic in saving the planet. Industrialists, Capitalists, and Environmentalist should come together and look for solutions which are mutually benefitting so we can all go home happy. The past events suggest that this is not an impossible round table discussion (You Can Read on the Montreal Protocol to know more about this).

The word ‘Solution’ is a ‘Problem’ dependent word – without problem the word solution has no meaning.

To come up with solutions, people first need to be aware of the problem and how it affects them. One must know about these trends to acknowledge climate change as a real and global issue. No solution was ever made without thorough realisation of the problem. Climate Change has been an issue ignored by not just world leaders, but also by regular office-going citizens. This is sadly due to a lack of awareness and prioritising money, jobs over life itself. Ignorance is not always bliss.

But I do believe humans are an evolved species living on the planet with a certain uniqueness. Now it’s time to help heal an injured ecosystem – our Mother Nature needs us more than ever.

Together we can and we will Save The Planet!

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