What Are the First Steps to Making Your Promotional Video?


With the emergence of apps like TikTok, video content has become extremely popular. Be it for educational or marketing purposes, it surely catches the eye of the user and makes them stop while scrolling on different apps. 

Video content can be used in innumerable ways if one knows how and when to use it. One problem with video content is that there are so many videos out there, sometimes without even serving the purpose they were supposed to serve, that even if someone puts out very entertaining content, it seems to get lost in between the contents that doesn’t make any sense. 

Below are outlined some steps that will lead you on the path to making Promotional Videos.

Identify the Purpose

The purpose of most promotional videos is to promote a particular product, service, or brand. Videos are expensive to produce and take a lot of time and effort. Before going forward with making the video directly, you need to figure out why you are making a video in the first place. Rather than going for a simple video, go for a video that resonates with the quality of service that you provide. The quality of the video will reflect on the image of the company. You also need to figure out what you’re trying to achieve with the content that you put out. Do you want to drive traffic towards your brand? Do you want to build up a new audience altogether? Are you trying to engage with the audience in a better manner? Are you looking for better communication? When you have an objective in mind, you will be able to go about it in a better way.

Content and Direction

Now, when you know why you need to make a video, it will be easier to look for a direction as to the kind of content you want to put in the video. A video can be introductory, explanatory, problem solving, or action driving in nature. No matter which direction the video takes, it has to be entertaining to keep the audience engaged. If it’s downright boring, nothing can stop the user from scrolling past it. An entertaining video will make you memorable.


A promotional video should be a glimpse of how amazing your product or service is. It should build curiosity for the brand or the product that you’re trying to showcase. A two to three-minute video usually does the job. While creating a video, remember your sole purpose is to help the audience learn about your product through entertainment.

Setting the tone

A tone is a general character or attitude of something. After knowing the purpose and duration of the video, you need to figure out what kind of tone you want your video to have. Do you want it to be funny? Do you want it to be dramatic? Is it supposed to make the audience laugh? Is it supposed to move the audience? Is it supposed to make them contemplate? Should it be just informative? Or is it supposed to inspire them? These are some questions that you need to answer before you go ahead and produce the video. Another thing that you need to consider is the style of the video. There are many types of videos that go around in the market. Some of them are:

  • Animated or illustrated
  • Real people, or involving real-life actors
  • Live-action, which is combining real-life footage with elements of animation
  • Phone/Tablet/App, where you show something specific on the device 
  • After figuring this out, you can go ahead and produce the video.

Producing a video

After you have laid down the basic foundation of the video, you need to have a production team, people who would put everything into creating a video that your brand wants. A powerful intro is something that you should look forward to. 

VEED, is a simple online video editor that works with Windows, Mac, and on all mobile devices with tons of helpful features. It is being used by thousands of content creators worldwide to make videos for social media and beyond. 


A video needs editing before going live on the platform. Now, there are many softwares for online video editing for YouTube that you can use to edit your videos. Make sure to edit the video in a manner that keeps its purpose intact and makes it all the more entertaining. Some of the best video editors online are:

  • InVideo
  • ClipChamp
  • Online Video Cutter
  • WeVideo
  • Video Toolbox
  • Magisto

Out of these, InVideo is one of a kind video editor which provides a plethora of options for you to choose from. If you are confused about what to choose from the above list, be sure to go for InVideo. The editing you do reflects your brand. So if a video is poorly edited or the message is unclear, it reflects that the brand communicates poorly. Hence, the brand must communicate effectively and especially focus on the intro. There are many intro maker online that you can take help from.

When to put out the video

There are times when putting out a promotional video seems right. For example, when a brand is coming up with a new product or a new service, that would be an appropriate time to put out a promotional video. It could be a teaser of the product or the service talking about why and when it will be launched. 

It would help in garnering more views for the brand and help the product with more exposure than usual. Another way is to keep an eye on hot topics of the time. When you make a video keeping in mind the hot trends, it makes it easier for the audience to relate on a level to the stuff that is already in their minds. It helps in establishing a brand image and makes it good for publicity. 

After you have put out the video, you need to ask feedback from the audience and take their suggestions. It helps you in improving the quality as well as ensures that the audience knows that they are valued.

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