Virgo Weekly Horoscopes 3rd – 9th May, 2020

Love and Relationships

This might be a fabulous time for lovers, who may feel the burden of their families to get married, as elders may want them happily settled in life. However, the boy might think twice about this, for there may be some worry or anxiety from an unfortunate situation. The girl might want to get married as soon as possible and take the relation forward. People with family might want to give money and time with their families. Terrestrial movements symbolize that your social circle might expand, and new friends might be formed. 

Education and Knowledge

For graduate scholars, this week might be challenging, as they may have to put in a constant effort to read and commemorate subject matter more adeptly. However, they might score less than what they want in their yearly examinations. Students might do well to keep up their morals and continue being active. Post-graduation students might do well to endeavor a part-time job. This might help pay their college fees, as well as give them some pocket money. Students may have promising results from their academics, and might experience smooth sailing this week.


During this period, your health and fitness might be of pressing concern. Beware of some illnesses that might overwhelm your immune system. If you face any discomfort in your body, take it seriously, and meet a physician. Follow their advice, and take the prescription as directed. Pay special attention to your digestive system, as some infections might occur. Take care not to get injured. According to planetary movements, some minor although accidental physical injury could occur. Take special care in this regard.

Money and Finances

During this period, the transition of planets might improve your income. Your financial position may be so secure, you may feel very joyous and optimistic. There may be some major movement that takes place in your twelfth house. The strong Sun, coupled with Mars, might influence this house. This might imply major spending. But be cautious, as you should not let spending get the better of you. You might do well to practice restraint when it comes to spending money. Overall, you may be in a healthy position when it comes to finances.

Career and Businesses

Businessmen might prosper, but at the same time may do well to pay respects to their customer’s demands. Being patient might help and bring good things their way. Nurtured efforts with a high net worth customer may be very rewarding. After a few very competent meetings, you may be able to sign a very profitable deal. Job goers may have more efficiency, and this might push them to the limit. This might cause them hardship. However, employees may need to work extra hard to keep their job safe.

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