Virgo Weekly Horoscope 31st May – 6th June, 2020

Love and Relationship

This week is going to be majestic for matters concerning your relationship equations as well as love! Singles may fall in love during this time and may witness their relationship getting stronger by the day. As we said, you will need to be very careful during the last day of this week. There are abundant chances of miscommunication and disputes arising between you and your partner. Differences of opinion may also prevail. If you have an extramarital affair, it will be revealed during this week which will further risk your relationship with your family and partner. Be cautious on this day!

Education and Knowledge

Except for the first and the last day of the week, students should not have any major obstacles concerning academics. Their level of focus and concentration will decrease in these two days. During the rest of the days, they will feel very positive and enthusiastic! Commerce and accounting students will excel during this period. The week seems to be very beneficial for students intending to go abroad in pursuit of higher studies. Master’s degree students will need to retain their level of interest and focus upon studies. Students must be confident in their abilities. Trust yourself and do not fear the forthcoming examinations!


This week will prove to be marvelous for matters related to your health! You just need to take additional care of your health during the last day of the week. You will be bubbling with positivity and energy during the initial six days. There will be a drastic change in your self-esteem and confidence. You will be so full of energy, you will participate in some outdoor competition and win it as well! During the last day of the week, there are chances of issues related to your liver, stomach, hands, legs, or shoulders. This may negatively affect your performance at work.

Money and Finances

The week seems to be superior in terms of financial growth, especially in the first six days! You will be presented with a lot of opportunities for the positive growth of your financial income. Salaried employees, as well as businessmen, will both remain financially stable. Employees are likely to get an increment, arrears, or incentives. We suggest, businessmen concentrate and focus on the abroad business. Overseas deals during this week will prove to be very profitable. Stock market traders will also have considerable monetary gain during this time. Consider making safe investments such as gold, silver, and real estate. Do not take needless risks!

Career and Business

You will be expected to be careful with matters of career and overall growth especially during the first and last days of the week. If salaried employees do not exhibit a diligent performance on these days, they may be demoted for the same. During the rest of the days, they will get numerous opportunities to grow. They may even get transferred to a place of their choice. The first four days of the week are very favorable for businessmen. They will not be bothered by competition all around. Business touring may also increase for them during these days. Hang on and stay positive!

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