Virgo Weekly Horoscope 24th – 30th May, 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles are going to develop affectionate feelings for a colleague of the opposite sex. Also, it is predicted that expression of love shall be received with positive replies. But there shall be no further progress in the relationship as of now. Attempts to meet and talk in private will not materialise for some reason. This would also delay any expression of love. Married Couples shall experience issues in the marriage. There will be concerns regarding the behaviour of the spouse. It is recommended to spend time with one another and address any prickly issues.

Education and Knowledge

It is indicated by the movement of planets that youngsters pursuing tertiary education shall remain focussed on their studies. They shall be highly motivated to achieve impressive results and study industriously. They are recommended to familiarise themselves with the new course work. For this, they need to give some time consistently. Children who are in senior secondary level of education shall be in a dilemma regarding the main subject they have picked. They would want to change their current subject and instead choose another, which they feel will get them better employment in the future.


You could be bothered by an ailment you had thought was cured. You can keep the pain due to it at the minimum by being proactive. As soon as you see recurrence of symptoms linked with that disease, visit the specialist doctor soon. You should not take any bothersome issue lightly, no matter how benign it may seem. Follow the doctor’s measures as advised. It is advised that you exercise daily. Effect of Mars leaves you vulnerable to injury on upper torso.

Money and Finances

On one hand, an increase in your income is almost assured, on the other hand, any rise shall not be of too great a a value. Saturn is monitoring the twelfth house, associated with expenses and loss of money. This predicts a setback for your finances. You need to take measures in order to reduce the severity of any expenses that has the potential to drain the finances. This means a drastic reduction of money spent on comforts and luxury. Also, you need to abstain from making any impulsive expenses.

Career and Business

The planets are in a very favourable position. This shall bring the entrepreneurs a chance to strike a major deal which will bring them great financial rewards. There would be concerns about tough competition in the market. To stay ahead of them, businessmen are advised to lower their profit margin, so they can offer a more affordable product to customers. But this should not degrade the quality of goods. Salaried employees will be inclined to seek better job opportunities. They would be looking for a better post and salary. They are supported by the current planetary positions.

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