Virgo Weekly Horoscope 17th – 23rd May, 2020

Love and Relationships

Couples in a relationship are going to have a great time together. Around the middle of the week, some differences may come up regarding the future. It is advised to consider the views of your partner and accommodate his or her views. This is in the best interests of your relationship. Married people are expected to have concerns about the relationship. The best way to remove nagging doubts is to discuss with your partner with honesty. This week you would spend good time with your family.

Education and Knowledge

Youngsters on term-end break from studies would socialize and spend time with family. Also, some students would choose to relax and binge-watch their tv shows online. But if you are pursuing an IT or science degree you should go through the syllabus of the new academic year. Children in higher studies can look for earning money through a part-time employment. They may not want to study more.


You have to be very careful with your physical wellbeing. It is implied by the movement of planets that an old illness or other health issues, which had cured, is going to recur. You should be cautious and as soon as you notice the slightest of issues, pay a visit to the doctor and get the ailment diagnosed. And then take the medication as per the advice of the physician. Majestic Mars is moving in opposition to your sign and, as is the property of Mars, you can get injured. Be extra cautious while driving a vehicle.

Money and Finance

Profitable planetary positions is going to give you much to smile about this week. The definitive transition is indicative of your procuring wealth. The massive financial gain shall put you in a surely secure position monetarily. What makes this week even more better is the lack of any huge spending of money. Due to the mix of these great factors, your savings are set to boost. On the one hand, our income shall increase, and on the other hand, no cash will be spent. All other miscellaneous expenses shall not be a problem for you.

Career and Business

Planetary movement shall lead to fortunate period for all businessmen with this zodiac. But this cant be without hard work. Try discovering new avenues and ways to boost revenue. This is a profitable time, especially for those in cosmetic industry, jewellery and apparel. It is recommended to be alert when transacting with a new client. Heavy workload shall pressurise salaried employees this week. But they would get useful tips from boss to increase work outputs.

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